How many people can say that they make money doing something they LOVE?

United States is a land of opportunities but it’s a land of many BILLS as well. Many people are forced to work in torturous jobs in order to pay bills while compromising their time to do instead what they love.

I was definitely one of those people. I was stuck in a job that I absolutely dreaded waking up in the morning to go to, in order to pay my rent,  student loans, miscellaneous expenses and while saving money. I envied those that took changes to earn money doing something they love even if that money is minuscule. I was forced to give up the job that enriched me with enough resources to live well (in terms of having material possessions). At first I went into a depression when I got laid off because I have a baby on the way and I know how expensive a baby can be. Reflecting my life now ,I am not in total desperate, even though my money is limited but I am wasting my energy in finding what I love and actually pursuing it.

The pictures bellow are of people that are promoting their talents on the streets of Boston. In a way they are entrepreneurs even though they do not own their own business. From talented singers with amazing voices or instrumental skills to artists and craftsmen. Boston is full of art and people that take courage to make a living doing what they love. Sure their lives might not be filled with the most up to date material gadgets but their souls are being fed with fulfillment.

545869_4039797519653_2000803502_nIndigenous Ecuadorian selling bracelets at Harvard Square. He sells the bracelets with his wife and learned the technique in his native country. He was teaching me the difference between Kechwa and Kichwa language. Apparently, Quechua has 5 vowels which Kichwa only has 3.


560734_4039796759634_641635947_nSome of the bracelets that he sells. I was not able to find my country Cape Verde but I bought another beautiful bracelet instead.

471576_3980255151131_2109888538_oYou see a lot of life status in the summer, each one of these status artists have their unique customs and story telling.  They are completely motionless until you put coins or bills in their buckets.

562828_4425276076376_1936182408_nTheir stillness is an art on it’s own.

SONY DSCSpray painting. This guy was making paintings in 10 minutes. AMAZING!

599256_4146305782293_2054551367_nLife Cuban music.

SONY DSCMy favorite guitarist. Every weekend he plays at State street.


Do you earn money doing something you LOVE ?


Do you work just for the money?

Would you change your career path to do something that makes you happy even if you do not earn enough money?

How do you balance between quality of life with material quality?

Is it possible to have both, happiness and success?

Is your work overshadowing who you truly are?

Please, share if you do earn your money doing something you love, or work but detest what you do. If you have any talents or skills that you think should be shared with the world. I would love to read your input.

4 responses to “Entrepreneur”

  1. Crazy, I’m writing a blog post right now about the death of my dreams in the real world! lol

    Do you earn money doing something you LOVE?
    I love performing, but I’ve never been paid for a gig. I don’t have the time to master my craft, and I don’t yet write my own material. I also volunteer with children, which I love, but it’s volunteering, and I only do it once a week because of my crazy schedule.

    Do you work just for the money?
    Yes. If life wasn’t so expensive, I’d be doing so much other stuff. I’m glad that I have a job that I don’t absolutely hate, where I actually like my manager, I’m doing well, and enjoy the challenges. But, this job is not what I’ve always dreamed of doing. I make ok money, but I would love to make more. I’m not excited to get up early and make the hour-long commute to work every day. I’m trying to at least save up enough money to get out of debt and establish a financial cushion. I’m not into material things like the latest gadgets, cars, huge houses or fancy clothes. I’m very simple. I just want to be comfortable enough to help others while not sabotaging my own well-being. I want to be able to help my family members who are also having a hard time.

    Would you change your career path to do something that makes you happy even if you do not earn enough money?
    No. I wish I could. I struggle with this every day, because I feel like maybe I should take the chance, but I know everything would completely fall apart if I did.

    How do you balance between quality of life with material quality?
    I don’t. I haven’t figured that out yet.

    Is it possible to have both, happiness and success?
    It is, but you need a combination of circumstances, planning, and sometimes luck. It’s not a guarantee no matter how hard some try.

    Is your work overshadowing who you truly are?
    Yes. I would love to be traveling the world, performing, helping people, doing all kinds of stuff. But I’m being super corporate right now. While I do well in corporate settings, it’s not who I am. It doesn’t allow for creativity, and I sometimes feel stifled.


    1. Taja I find it fascinating with this economy how people are finding ways to earn money with any skills that they have. I totally agree with you, earning money is very important to live a healthy stable life and you also need money to do the things you love such as traveling, eating out, enjoying time with your friends and family.
      However, jobs that make most of the money are sucking the life out of people, their creativity are being suppressed and people are stuck in a boring routine day in a day out. As you said you need to find a balance between doing what you love while earning enough money. We all want to be appreciated, after all if we do not earn enough money for putting the energy for something we love can also be heart breaking.
      I can’t wait to read your post.


  2. Great post. There is not a better question I needed to ask than “is my job really making me happy?”. When I started out in the textile business, it was amazing and I loved every minute of the work and the people. However, as with any ‘career’ there comes a time when routine can begin to bury a spirit…and that is the toughest time. Do you hang on just to collect a check, or do you make a change and forge your own path in a dark and daunting wilderness?


    1. Exactly my friend, routine can truly oppress your soul. However, the soul is bound to look for happiness and if you never take that “leap of faith” you will never know where happiness lies.


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