Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is celebrated throughout the world on different days of the year. However, everywhere in the world, Mother’s Day is a common celebration to demonstrate our appreciation for our mothers.

I always knew that without my mother I would not be the person that I am today. My mother has lived by her example and wisdom which I was able to flourish and apply into my daily life. However, it is not until this mother’s day that I can really understand what a “mother” really means. I knew that my mother made a lot of sacrifices for her family as most mother’s do but I was not able to fathom the profound extent of such sacrifice.

Indeed, the journey to motherhood begins at her womb. I did not know that her love would begin before she could even see my face. Now, at 35 weeks pregnant I can understand the unconditional love that a mother has for her unborn child. This recognition breaks my heart knowing that she loved me before I was born and that she did not need to look into my eyes in order to feel this love. Through my pregnancy I can now understand her struggles and her strength. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and it’s a miracle that God bestowed upon only to the mothers. However, it is a difficult journey that only a mother can overcome; a journey that will never end.

I cannot express with enough words how truly thankful I am of my mother for everything she gave me and everything she had to give up for herself The imagine of a Mother is usually framed as something “perfect” or “angelic”. The fact of the matter I understand now how much of a human a mother is; they are full of flaws, insecurities, imperfections and make mistakes many many times. But it is her flaws that make her perfect. Her insecurities are a warm blanket that secure and protect us from any harm. Her imperfections is what makes each mother different and special to each one of us. Her mistakes are served as wise advise that you will use as your own testament. She is a mother, a woman, a friend, a lover and most of all she is a gladiator. She will fight with lions to protect you and watch you be the woman or man that you owe to become.

My mother and I enjoying a beautiful summer day at the public garden
My mother and I enjoying a beautiful summer day at the public garden
My mom trying on a head scarf on my babyshower
My mom trying on a head scarf on my babyshower

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