Walk for Hunger

Last year I participated in the Walk for Hunger and walked the whole 20 miles. It felt so good to have finished the long walk for such a good cause.

Last year's Walk for Hunger. More than have way through the walk
Last year’s Walk for Hunger. More than have way through the walk

This year, even pregnant I decided to participate again. I must admit that even though I support the cause, I was a little selfish as I wanted to also proof to myself that I could walk a maximum goal of 5 miles being 34 weeks pregnant.

I am pretty sure there are many women that still run while pregnant. Although, I consider myself to be pretty active I am not one of those super women that can run at 34 weeks.

I made sure that my husband and I had a really good breakfast that day and that we stayed very hydrated throughout the walk.

I made for breakfast my famous power-house juice with spinach, kale, banana, lemon and apple. Made some eggs and voila, we were ready for our adventure.


So the journey begins,

I started off a little rough, my hips were hurting and I was a little concern that I would not be able to reach my 5 miles goal. I sucked it up which is not a good thing for the pregnancy since we are suppose to “listen to our body” when we do any physical activities.

By mile 2 my muscles began to warm up and I began to feel more confident.


So we continued our journey as I began to warm up even more, I felt great. The weather was also perfect. It was sunny with a little breeze to cool us down.

another bonus during the walk
another bonus during the walk
so obsessed with flowers
so obsessed with flowers

At mile 5 we decided to stop at Dunkin Dounuts to eat something since I was beyond starving at that point. After eating I felt great and I wanted to walk more and made a new goal for myself to reach 10 miles. But my husband insisted that I should not push my body further and that 5 miles was already impressive. We decided to rest a little bit before heading back and I was rambling to my husband how much a pregnant woman’s body changes and all the sudden an old man sitting next to us interrupted me.


He began asking the typical questions, “is it a boy or girl”, “how many months are you” and so forth. As we engaged further into the conversation with this man he shared with us that he was a marriage counselor and gave us really good marriage tips which I think can be applied to any relationship.

He told my husband and I to make a separate list of;

20 things that we love about one another and

20 things that we respect about each other

He went on to mention that this exercise will reveal how we demonstrate and receive love. One of the biggest mistake that couples commit is that when one loves their partner one expects to receive the same type of love. In other words, if one demonstrated love by hugging than they think that the partner owe to demonstrate love the same way. However, the partner might love by doing little things such as picking out a flower from a garden and giving it to you. If one understands the way the other loves than the love becomes more appreciative.

Also, since respect is the key to any relationship he went on to say that if we know what qualities and gestures that are most valued and respected by their partner than those qualities and gestures will be applied more often. For example, your partner respects you when you take out the trash, than you owe to take out the trash more often because you feel respected by your partner when you do such gesture.

I could not have asked for a more perfect walk as this one.

It made me think of the quotes that most of us are familiar with but take it for granted.

“Focus on the Journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it”

                                 “Life’s a journey, not a destination”


Natural Beauty

Every time I feel overwhelmed, I like to take a walk in nature.

Nature has a power to eliminate any sadness and sorrow from the heart.

The pressure immediately evaporates into the endless blue sky in the presence of the natural beauty.

I hope that if you are having a bad day or feeling a little blue that these photos will elevate your spirit and give you strength to continue your journey.

There is nothing warmer than the embrace of a loved one

Sometimes in order to feel loved you need to share your love with someone. If you feel like no one loves you, try to say “I love you” to someone you really care about and see what their reply is.

Abandoned flower in the bench

Do you feel abandoned? Do you feel alone? Try to find color in your life and trust that these feelings will go away. Even an abandoned flower can be found in the park and be appreciated by it’s beauty. Someone might be thinking of you but you will not know if you do not ask how someone is.

small flower in the park

Stand up and be proud of who you are!

red petal in a white flower

Do you think no one understands you because you are different? Well, think twice your difference is what makes you beautiful and it’s what makes you special. This flower captured all the attention from the rest of the ordinary white flower for it’s uniqueness.


Do you feel misfortune as if nothing good or right happens to you? Pay attention to details you might realize that you are more fortunate than you think. I took this picture and did not even realize the ant on the flower. It made me think how much I have missed out in my life for not appreciating the little moments.


Finally, substitute your hatred with love. Forgive those that have done you wrong and show more act of kindness.