It’s the little things that count….

I have fallen into this material world where artificial things matter the most. The latest cars, cell-phones, clothes, just to name a few is what defined me. It was not until I lost my job and literally became broke that I had to depend in the pleasure of little moments of life. I tried to seek therapy in nature for the things that I have lost but instead realized how much I was gaining. The material things that could only be obtained with money only gave me temporally pleasure and beauty but once those things faded away I became hollow and empty. It was in the presence of the bare nakedness of nature that I learned to appreciate little qualities in me and people around me. I understood the value of time and appreciation for life.

The day before I took this picture, I noticed this weird looking plant but did not think anything of it. The next day, I’ve noticed that this ordinary plant turned into an extraordinary beautiful flower.

This plant made me realize that first impression is a disillusion. If you go by solely on first impressions, you might miss out on the greatness of life. People are not appearances, they take their time to showcase the best that they have to people that truly deserve to unfurl the diamond within.


I also recognized that it is better sometimes “to be alone than with bad company”. Not everyone deserves to waste your time and most of all some are only around you with restrictions. True friends are those that love you unconditionally for who you are and not what you have. The friends that are with you through the good and bad are those that last through the storms and get to witness the friendship blossom.


Working on looking your best and feeling your best is important as it can elevate your esteem, however it is equally if not more important to work on what’s within. Most people think that to become a better person is to become selfish towards others and to take the time and energy on themselves. The fact of the matter is that we are depended on everything in this world, whether it is nature or people and most of the times you improve when you stop being the receiver but instead become the giver. If you want be more patient than be patients with others. If you want to be more loving than show love and appreciation to others. If you want to be happy, eliviate sadness in others and so forth.







I don’t mean for this blog to be inspirational or pretend that I am an expert of life. The purpose of this post was to just to show the pictures that I was able to take in the past week but I soon realize that these pictures would not be taken if it wasn’t for my circumstances. If I was still just the “old me”, I would be rushing to go here and there without noticing the beautiful things around me.


3 thoughts on “It’s the little things that count….

  1. Such beautiful pictures! And a wonderful post as well.. We really don’t take the things to appreciate the beauty of life.. And that’s one of the reasons why I love photography so much because it makes you pause and really think about what your capturing.


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