Most of us myself included, wish that we had the knowledge that we have today when we were younger. If we were wiser, smarter and faster we would have not made the many mistakes in the past. The bareness of such thinking is the process of self reflection. Some however, are fully content not reflecting on their past mistakes or even reflect on the purpose of their wrong-doings.

Self reflection is a wonderful characteristic to obtain, it reminds me of a phrase that a wise man once said to me “if you haven’t reflected on your life than you have learned nothing”. Many of us think that to become a better person is to fix a flaw or a mistake that one has committed. However, I believe and you can argue otherwise that what makes one good is not a flawless person or a person without mistakes but instead someone who reflects upon each action and how much it impacts the other. It does not matter whether you fix your flaws or commit the same mistake over and over again but rather the mere fact that you have reflected on the action and have the intention of good.

We live in a superficial society where actions is what defines people and not their intention. I firmly believe that there are people in this world that do bad through good actions and many that are misunderstood by their bad doings when they intended to do good but failed at it. I came through this conclusion by life experience and I could give an example but I hope that you contemplate on this thought and reflect by your own experiences.

Once I took these pictures during a late hot afternoon, I saw the mere reflection that was left on the still water and I could not impede to think about the purpose of my life. In fact, my conversion to Islam came simply by reflecting on my life and asking why is my life the way it is. I was not looking for a religion but the questions lead the answer that I was able to find in Islam. Many years later I find myself reflecting on my past and why I was lead towards this path. I am not sure why yet but I was glad to be awaken once again by nature and have many news questions about my life. I am in very excited to find out where these questions will lead me.

I hope that you are not afraid to reflect upon your life and ask “why”. This can have a serious impact in your life and do not be scared by the obscurity of your future and where it can lead to.


3 responses to “Reflection”

  1. Very true that everyone has flaws, and the most interesting people are those who are aware and embrace their flaws. By seeing the reflection of how our actions affect others, we all can better ourselves and all those around us. Seek peace and find love; it can be that simple.


    1. Yes it can, life is very simple but we like to complicate it. I like your advise “seek peace and find love” so simple yet so difficult to achieve. Thank you for stopping by and reading my posts it means a lot coming from someone so talented and thoughtful as you are.


  2. salmakilaouy001 Avatar

    Very well said. Reflection is really important. But I think when thinking about the past you need to realize that its the past and not to be stuck on it but instead move forward. I have found myself obsessing over my past mistakes countless times. Sometime I even imagine myself finding a time machine and going back in time to change everything I did lol.


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