Moroccan Everything!

I have this fascination and you can even say obsession for everything Moroccan. My Moroccan friends tell me that I am Moroccan and I do not deny them because at times I like to think I am. I love everything Moroccan, from home decor, to food to clothe, fabrics and way of living.

Morocco has been in my bucket list of places to visit for too long and I slowly developing travel anxiety.

In the mean time I want to share some Moroccan home decor inspirations so that when I visit the country I am totally prepared on what to get from there. I will bring an almost empty luggage just to fit my endless list of items I want. I am just scared that if I go to Morocco, I might just never come back. Hopefully someone there will welcome my family into their family for ever.


I love the fact that Moroccans incorporate gardens in their life style. Garden’s were know to the Moors and Andalusian as paradise on Earth. It is not strange when we are sad or want to have a spiritual connection with the Creator or gather clarity, to propel towards nature.


This is why I might not come back, I can totally envision having a balcony with a pool, fountain and lots of plants and enjoy hearing my children’s laughter, birds chirping and the call for prayer in the background while enjoy some Moroccan mint tea and embracing the peace, tranquility and serenity.


Not only do I love Moroccan tea but I love their cups, tea pots, trays, tables and I can go on and on. This has been on my list of items to get for way too long.

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I love the simplicity and authenticity of this Moroccan home decor.


Window Heaven!


I actually love bedroom canopies, I will have to incorporate a Moroccan inspired canopy in my bedroom soon.


How can we forget the kitchen. I love the open cabinet and shelving concept. Where your kitchen accessories becomes the decoration. And how can you not fall in love with wall mosaic tiles.

I made up my mind and I will decorate my whole house based on Moroccan inspiration.

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