Inspiring Moroccan Decor Ideas

I have this fascination and you can even say obsession with everything Moroccan. My Moroccan friends tell me that I am Moroccan and I do not deny them because I sometimes like to think I am. I love everything about Morocco, from home decor to food to clothes, fabrics, and living.

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This morning on our ride to school, my oldest daughter was throwing a pre-teen tantrum because of sleep deprivation, but as soon as we started listening to my playlist of Moroccan music, her bad mood just slowly evaporated into thin air. This is out of topic but do you like listening to music from different countries in a language that you don’t understand? I listen to Putumayo, where a music production collects different songs from all over the world.

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Morocco has been on my bucket list of places to visit for too long and I slowly developing travel anxiety. As I write this post, I’m reminded of the old times when I would sip Morrocan green tea, prepared in the traditional kettle, which had to be poured at high altitude while the tea cascaded down to a beautifully decorated cup.

In the meantime, I want to share some Moroccan home decor inspirations so that when I visit the country I am totally prepared for what to get from there. I will bring an almost empty suitcase just to fit the endless list of items I want to purchase from there. I am just scared that if I go to Morocco, I might never return. Hopefully someone there will welcome my family into their family forever.

Dreamy Moroccan Bedroom Inspiration

Decorating your bedroom with Moroccan inspiration is so much fun because you get to add as much texture to the room as you like. The room is so inviting, from the neutral colors to a splash of natural bohemian accents. However, my favorite aspect of the Moroccan decor is the nook for the bed, it just creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Moroccan Livingroom Spaces

I wanted to show a variety of styles for the next batch of Moroccan interior spaces. Most traditional Moroccan houses do not look like the Moroccan-inspired homes in the west. It’s important to distinguish this factor as one might visit Morocco with high standards unless you are staying in high-end Ryad. For affordable Ryad, you might find something more traditional and closer to the culture. One common aspect in these three pictures is the intrinsic and vivid carpets that Morocco is so famous for.

Moroccan Decor Collaborates with Nature

It’s intriguing how Moroccans incorporate nature into their lifestyle. Gardens were known to the Moors and Andalusians as paradise on Earth. It is not strange that when we are sad or want to have a spiritual connection with the Creator or gather clarity, to propel toward nature.

That is why if I visit Morocco, I might never return! I envision having a balcony with a fountain with an abundance of plants, enjoying hearing my children’s laughter, birds chirping, and the call for prayer in the background. In the meantime, I’m enjoying Moroccan mint tea, embracing peace, tranquility, and serenity.

I love the simplicity and authenticity of this Moroccan home decor.

There is so much I can cover in this post but in order not to make it longer is then it already is, I will have to make a part 2 dedicating it for Moroccan’s inspiring ascents, textures and home features.

What is your favorite Moroccan Decor?

Do you like this type of decorations or do you have a different type. I definantely, like to mix different types of decorations, such as a minimal bohemian look.


9 responses to “Inspiring Moroccan Decor Ideas”

  1. I agree it is so beautiful and open. I particularly like the purple.


    1. Yes I love how they bring the open atmosphere indoors as well as outdoors. The purple is magical!

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  2. Such mystique and allure ~ yes, Moroccan style is pretty amazing.


    1. Yes it is, have you been there before?


      1. No I have not ~ but a place I’ve dreamed about many times.


        1. My dream as well. I hope you get to fulfill your dream so I can enjoy your photos when in Morocco 😉


  3. Beautiful photos. I especially like the purple ones (my fave color) 🙂


    1. Thank you, they are not my photos but the purple color is very nice

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  4. Great Post ! If you like Morocccan style, check out


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