365 Days Photography Challenge

365-daysI had a friend who once took upon a New Year Resolution to take at least one photo everyday and post it on her blog for 365 days out of the year. I used to anticipate for her to post her photos every single day, she used to write a little description about her day and what made her capture that moment seen in the photo.

Although, it’s not New Years, I think I will take upon this challenge starting tomorrow. So, from 365 days from tomorrow, I will attempt to stay true to this challenge and take at least one photo a day no matter how crappy the photo turns out to be. Why am I taking this challenge? For several reasons actually.

1. I want to improve my photography skills

2. If I become a pro it will give me a good enough excuse to spend money on a fancy pro camera

3. I am going to be a mommy of 2 children under 2 soon and I don’t want to loose myself in the process. I want to keep something I like, even when busy

4. I want to unfurl my creativity

5. I want to explore and experiment different elements of this project

6. I am curious to what I will learn throughout this journey

So my friends, I encourage you to partake my journey and jump on board. Who’s with me?

8 responses to “365 Days Photography Challenge”

  1. I AM!! 🙂 Excited to see your work, dear ^_^ By the way which camera will you be using?

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    1. I have a sony nex c3. It’s an old version. I broke my memory card this morning…go figure..I will have to buy a new one today pronto and manage to take some pictures somewhere. Today’s post will not be exciting. Worst case scenario I will have to use my phone camera =(

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      1. Hey you said yourself that it doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad. You just have to get in the habit of photography and keep yourself busy 🙂 So even if you have to take it from your phone, no worries; I know I’ll love it nonetheless ❤
        P.S. Awesome camera you've got there!


        1. Thank you =). The point is to take at least one photo a day no matter the type of camera. The Sony NEx is super easy for a newbie like myself. There are just enough programing without the overwhelming you. Thanks for your support means a lot.

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          1. Ooo it’s not much expensive either.. I’m also looking for a good handy camera for a beginner.. :3 I’m gonna have to add that one to my wishlist ^_^


          2. It is the perfect camera for a beginner who wants to transition between a normal camera to a DSLR. It’s n
            ot expensive either and has really good megapixel.

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          3. Awesomesauce ^_^ I’ve gone through so many photography blogs looking for one with great performance, ease of use and affordability and yours has been the best by far! Thanks so much for the recommendation!! ❤


          4. no problem. Let me know if you get it. The new version must be even better

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