Day 4: 365 days Photo Challenge

You know you are not a professional photographer when;

1. You forget to bring your camera when you purposely going out to take photos

2. You bring your camera on a really nice day to find out you have forgotten the memory card

3. It’s a nice day, you have the camera, the memory card is input and the battery runs out

4. Everything is perfect for a good photo section; camera is charged, memory card in, battery full and you leave your camera in the car and you are too lazy or 39 weeks pregnant to go back and get the camera from the car.

All of these has happened to me in the last 4 days since I have commenced this journey. Like any challenges, there are obstacles on the way and I will not let some barriers defeat me. The purpose of this challenge is not to simply take good photos but it’s to challenge yourself to something different and reflect on the journey.

With that said, yesterday was a really nice day out and was all ready for a photo section. I had everything ready; camera, full battery and memory card to have forgotten the camera in the car. I was alone with my daughter on the way to get ice cream and she was too excited and with my 39 weeks pregnant self, I didn’t feel like it was worth going back to the car. Some times you cannot let obstacles let you down and destroy your attitude.

Today, it is an unbelievable gorgeous day, no clouds in the sky with steady winds. I often wonder why people choose to live in Boston, including myself because the weather is terrible and depressing in winter. But I know now, when it’s nice out, it’s so nice you feel like you are living in a dream.

Although, I was not able to capture the moment with my digital camera because again, I forgot the memory card at home. I did get some photos from my phone that I would like to share.

IMG_7871IMG_7878IMG_7885You might be wondering what happened to Day 3. I was too burned out yesterday from having too much fun that I was not able to write a post. I had decided to write one this morning and write about Day 4 at night but since I forgot to bring my memory card to work I found it better to write about day 4 first and than catch up. There are no specific rules to this challenge and life in it self is unpredictable and that is how I like it. Unpredictability, uncertainty and randomness brings spice into your life, enjoy it don’t dwell if things fall out of plan.


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