Day 5: 365 days of Photo Challenge



I enjoy taking pictures of people the most, to capture their facial expressions, their emotions and freezing their bodily movements. But it can be a challenge photographing people simply because they are spontaneous and you never know what their next move will be, therefore resulting to a bad quality photo.

I really want to improve on two aspects of photography; portrait and black and white photos. Since today was a warm cloudy day, I though it would be perfect to take a stroll with coworkers to a new coffee place near by our work and practice with them.

Since it was cloudy, I thought it would be perfect for black and white photos. I have a hard time resisting towards color photos during a sunny day.

Hope you Enjoy!


6 responses to “Day 5: 365 days of Photo Challenge”

  1. I love how you captured the woman in the second picture! She looks so happy and content and so very vibrant. Great shot!

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    1. thanks..she gets my sarcastic jokes and she was very happy I was using her as my model

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  2. “… you never know what their next move will be, therefore resulting to a bad quality photo.” But I must say the quality of these pictures is immaculate! You didn’t ask them to pose, right? Wonderful job! Beautiful women, beautiful expressions and I love it in grayscale ❤


    1. I didn’t tell them to pose, we were walking and I was trying to take a picture and catch up to them. I have a couple of other shots that they would not have been very happy if I posted here ;). Thanks, glad you like it! =)

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      1. That’s exactly why these pictures felt so genuine with real emotions 🙂 And it’s an art to capture all those emotions in just one click 😉 Keep up the excellent work Andrea ❤


        1. oh wow, what a compliment, even though I don’t consider my work as Art, I appreciate your lovely comment as always =)

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