Seven Surprising Reasons Why You (And Your Kids) Should Learn Another Language

Field Notes From Fatherhood

We all know that speaking multiple languages can improve your chances of employment, enhance your travel experiences, and help you impress dates. But there are other, somewhat startling benefits of second-language acquisition that are probably less well-known.

Now the only language I can claim fluency in is English. (I can, however, order a draft beer in

  • Italian: Una birra alla spina, per favore.
  • Japanese: Namachu hitotsu. 
  • Spanish: Una caña, por favor.
  • German: Ein fassbier, bitte.
  • Hungarian:  Egy csapolt sör, kerek szepen.
  • Korean: Maekju hana chuseyo.
  • Geordie: Could Aa’ve a draft beeah, ye naa what ah mean leik.

because you need to have the essentials down, after all, if you’re going to be traveling abroad.)

Having lived in several different countries, however, we’ve always made an effort to get at least a handle on the local lingo, and since we intend to stay in Spain perhaps indefinitely, we’re pretty serious about becoming fluent.


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Day 8: 365 Days Photo Challenge



These photos were not taken today.I will be occasionally post on the 365 days photo challenge with old photos that I took when I started the challenge.

I work in a very cool building with a much cooler view. I am lucky to see this view every day from the window and able to take strolls around the water during the work day. What is even more interesting is that across from the river there are several manufacturing facilities which giant cargo boats often station there to unload the shipment. When these ships arrive, several police boats such as the one you see above accompany the cargo ships for surveillance check. There are also guards that dive into the river to check for bombs and other mischief crimes under those ships. Some times there are even snipers controlling the ships from a close enough building. Apparently theses ships bring anything from natural gas to metal scrap that come from all around the world.

Baby Wearing

It’s been too long since I last blogged but life has been very hectic trying to manage an energetic toddler and a newborn. I tell yah, I don’t know how other moms do it or did it. It seems as though I don’t have any time for myself, is this normal? Will it get better? How did you manage your time and established a healthy routine for everyone and yourself? I seriously need some help in the time management compartment.

I want to say I will continue the daily photo challenge adventures but I can not promise anything since right now I have too many things on my plate and my camera just seems not to fit.

However, yesterday I was able to manage a couple of pictures here and there from our outing.

Sakurabloom sling
I have been loving wearing my baby

I am absolutely in love with my sakurabloom sling. I had my fare share of tries with other baby carriers and I must say in my opinion that sling wear is the most efficient, easy and comfortable baby wear out there. I bought the creme linen version because it goes with everything, but I really wanted the silk sling but it’s a little out of my prize range.

Not only do I love how convenient it is, easy to fit in the diaper bag but you can also secretly breastfeed your baby without playing peekaboo in public. You can use the left over fabric and toss it over your opposite shoulder covering both your bosom and your child.

What is great about this sling is that I will be able to use for many years to come as I can carry my toddler in it for a couple more years.Wow! I sound like I am writing a review post. I have never done one before, but I am so in love with it and it has saved my life as a mommy. Having to carry a double stroller everywhere with a toddler in it is merely impossible, when my daughter wants to occasionally use her legs to walk. With the sling I can wear my baby and hold my daughter’s hand at the same time, that way she can burn her energy and mommy her calories. It’s a win win situation.