Seven Surprising Reasons Why You (And Your Kids) Should Learn Another Language

Field Notes From Fatherhood

We all know that speaking multiple languages can improve your chances of employment, enhance your travel experiences, and help you impress dates. But there are other, somewhat startling benefits of second-language acquisition that are probably less well-known.

Now the only language I can claim fluency in is English. (I can, however, order a draft beer in

  • Italian: Una birra alla spina, per favore.
  • Japanese: Namachu hitotsu. 
  • Spanish: Una caña, por favor.
  • German: Ein fassbier, bitte.
  • Hungarian:  Egy csapolt sör, kerek szepen.
  • Korean: Maekju hana chuseyo.
  • Geordie: Could Aa’ve a draft beeah, ye naa what ah mean leik.

because you need to have the essentials down, after all, if you’re going to be traveling abroad.)

Having lived in several different countries, however, we’ve always made an effort to get at least a handle on the local lingo, and since we intend to stay in Spain perhaps indefinitely, we’re pretty serious about becoming fluent.


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