365 photo challenge: day 9

And the photo intervention begins

I know that I have put the photo challenge aside for many reasons but no matter what I will continue. Even if it means that the 365 days photo challenge will take 2 or more years to complete. The reason I want to be persistent at this even if I am not being predictable is because growing up I never though I was good enough.

I came from an artistic family from my father being an architect, my aunt as a talented hair dresser, makeup artist and visionary to my grandmother as a great embroider and passionate writer.

I had always wanted to be an artist of some sort. I was able to communicate through drawing when words failed me. At some point I wanted to be a fashion designer but all of this was put aside when I began to think that I was not good enough and would never succeed at it because other people were far better than me.

Today I know that there will be people who are always better than me but that doesn’t mean I can’t pursue my passion. Even though I am an immature photographer, I enjoy when I have the chance to take photos but I look forward the most being surprised at the outcome of some photos.

So this challenge is for myself so that I never give up on anything that makes me happy and brings joy. This photo challenge is just a mini challenge from many other things I want to accomplish. I though that holding my self accountable online would be a great way to break the cycle of self sabotaging, to break free to other greater opportunity. Also I don’t want my daughters to self sabotage their dreams. This way I’ll be able to show them how I overcame my internal challenges.

With that said, I will leave you with some photos.



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