I am by no means a photographer, my photos are taken by pure enthusiasm for capturing pictures. If in my wildest dream I would become a photographer than I would like to be a portrait, special events or a journalist photographer. I love to capture people’s emotions and freeze it into time. However, portrait photography is the hardest to capture. Unlike landscape, people move very often, giving one second to capture that perfect moment. Looking at these picture I have taken a while back, I realize that the photos are full of mistakes; whether the lighting is off, high saturation or the positioning of the frame needed improvements. Look at me thinking I know how to talk photography!

My grandma in Cape Verde touching a banana tree’s flower
Egypt, Cairo 2014
Praia, Cape Verde 2012
Praia, Cape Verde 2012
Boston, USA, 2015

Also, I feel like I have the hardest DSL camera, the Sony NEX 5 (I think that’s the one). I still don’t know how to focus the camera where I want it to focus. Or to take night time photos indoors, it always comes up blurry. If you have any tips on how to work this camera, I would really appreciate it if you leave it in the comment section bellow.

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