Simplicity at its Best

In 2012 the California based company Ryan’s Recycling was established. While it is not unusual for a new recycling business to be established what was very unusual about this business was the fact the Founder and CEO, Ryan Hickman, was just three years old at the time. Ryan was inspired to recycle and help the […]

via 7-year-old starts his own recycling business and earns over $10,000 — International Development Journal

I encourage you to read the full post, it will inspire and motivate to change towards a simple of step of preserving nature.

When I read this post, several things came to mind;

  1. I am so jealous of what a 7 years old boy accomplished at the age of 3.
  2. There is hope for raising good kids in this world. Education exceeds beyond the four walls of school or home.
  3. I immediately think of Egypt, particularly Cairo and its pollution. I’ve been wanting to create a sustainable project similar to what this talented boy has accomplished but have been too shy to put it into practice. Egypt is going  through a major waste and pollution crisis and too little people are doing anything about it. When I think how polluted Cairo is, I can’t fathom this crisis getting worse.
  4. I think of my little country that depends so much of the marine life for their common survival. Fisherman will encounter major economic problems with the extinction of common and popular fish.

We really need to act now, this is getting too serious too fast!

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