Ramadan 2017 Series-Day 2

Today was very difficult to fast. For some reason I was not able to sleep during the night. I am not sure if I got an indigestion due to my late snack or the reason for not being sleepy was caused by my late nap. I also think I have a lot of energy after my dinner and should have done some light exercises.

Despite how difficult today was, I was able to sustain my fast. However, today’s post will not be about my challenging fast while pregnant but about something that I have stuck on my mind. Ramadan is a perfect opportunity to break bad habits but yet right after time to break the fast people quickly fill up the coffee house (or whatever they are called).

These coffee shops that men frequent so much here in Egypt is still a mystery to me. It just baffles me how men waste so much time in these coffee places, playing games, smoking shisha and cigarettes. I can’t stop and wonder where are the women married to these men. The obvious answer is that they are home but I can’t fathom conforming with the idea of my husband spending his time at coffee shops while I at home taking care of domestic work.

Image result for coffee shops in egypt

Image result for coffee shops in egypt

It is a very strong tradition here in Egypt and I believe it goes back to pre-Islamic times. It is the biggest entertainment for men. In fact there are numerous reasons why men frequent coffee houses, such as;

  • A quick meet up with friends. The coffee place is  perfect for a quick chatter and catching up with a friend without having to host him in the house. Egyptian men are very protective of their wives and even close friends would hardly frequent a married man’s house unless he is bring his wife and kids and the whole nigh yards.
  • It’s a place where men often talk about business, work related topics and politics
  • To enjoy a cup of coffee and tea before or after anything. For example, going to work, let me drink a cup of tea even though I just had one at home. Coming out of the Friday prayer, one might think, “Oh that was a profound sermon, let me grab a cup of tea and ponder about it”. You get my point
  • In some cases people are plain addicted to the shisha and games that these coffee places offer to men.
  • To watch a popular football game

Image result for traditional coffee shops in egypt

Before you wonder how unfair it is for the Egyptian women, I must tell you that there are coffee places for mixed gender where a women can enjoy a cuppa tea or coffee and even some shisha. The demand for these coffee shops are mainly shaped by the men.

Image result for traditional coffee shops in egypt

During the holy month of Ramadan your deeds and sins are doubled and I wonder if it ever ponders in these men’s heads that what they are doing should be avoided especially during Ramadan. Since good deeds are counted as doubled, the time wasted at the coffee shops could have been used to spending time with family, helping the wives around the house. Where bad deeds such as hurting your self and wasting time in meaningless games will be counted as doubled as well.

These men stubbornness to frequent the coffee houses even in the holy month makes me question their intentions during Ramadan. Sometimes, I feel that Islam is infused in their culture so much so that most people can’t distinguish what is Islam and what is culture unless one remains engaged with his religion and builds a constant knowledge in Islam.

Nevertheless to say, I hope you are having a wonderful Ramadan and that God will accept you fast, prayers, good intentions and good deeds. I hope God will make us an unbreakable and strong community. May this month be a blessed one for you and may it bring you closer to your Creator.

8 responses to “Ramadan 2017 Series-Day 2”

  1. Question – Are you Muslim? I thought you had moved to Egypt, so I wasn’t sure. Or are you simply trying to identify with the people and culture?


    1. I converted to Islam since 2008 and recently moved to Egypt. I am not trying to identify with the people or the culture. I am just sharing some observations that I have of the culture. The truth is, it’s so hard to explain Egyptian culture as it is so complex, dense and very unique. Not every observation falls true to everyone as Cairo in itself has a population of 20 million people.

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      1. Thank you, I had no idea. I hope I did not offend you in any way. I study other cultures and find your posts very interesting. I am older and your recent posts remind me of my wife carry our children, which seems so long ago now. I wish you peace.

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        1. Hello,
          No, you did not offend me in any form. I love to study cultures too, I try not to be bias but once you live in a different culture than one begins to see it for your own and unfortunately you see the good and the ugly. I am glad you get to cherish your wonderful memories when your wife was pregnant by reading my blog. I took a look at your blog as well and I love your short poetry, you can see the honestly of your words.

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          1. Thank you! BTW, I also like studying other faiths and I’ve been studying Islam recently. Salaam.

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          2. salam..I wish you all the well with the discovery of Islam.

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  2. Another interesting and thought-provoking post, Andrea.


    1. Hi janet. How are you? thanks for always stopping by =)


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