Ramadan 2017 Series-Day 3

Before every Ramadan I get nervous thinking about fasting. For some reason, I always feel like I will not be able to fast and that I will give into temptation. My first Ramadan after converting to Islam was the worst. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I converted very quickly upon researching about Islam but I knew this was the path I was suppose to follow. At the time of my conversion I just had moved away from home and transferred to a knew school. I didn’t have much of guidance during my conversion and I was still very shy and insecure letting people know I was a Muslim.

Ramadan was very knew to me and at times brought feelings of sadness and loneliness. My family was very aggressive towards their feelings of my conversion which lead to distancing and isolating even more from my family and friends.

Every Ramadan after that, has been better and better and I have been blessed every time. For this reason I resorted to fast this Ramadan because I know that the sacrifice of fasting does not attain to the amount of blessings. Therefore, I never saw Ramadan as a sacrifice. I see it instead as a blessing, it’s a month dedicated to getting closer to our Creator. A month where we not only clean our bodies but clean our souls and prioritize our mind to what’s really important in this life.



I finally went out of the house and I must say it was refreshing. I thought I would get tired but it gave me energy instead. I tried to be out of the sun while out and did not stay outside for more than 2 hours. I have to take baby steps. I know it sounds silly that I would take so much precaution but Egypt right now is super hot and sunny and any healthy person despite being pregnant or not would get exhausted by walking outside for too long.


3 responses to “Ramadan 2017 Series-Day 3”

  1. Keep learning about Islam .. I’m glad to hear that .. May Allah bless you and your family.. And also take great care about your unborn baby … 🙂

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    1. thank you for the well wishes. I am definitely listening to my body and the baby.


  2. Very cool to hear about Ramadan.

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