Ramadan 2017-Day 7

Happy one week of Ramadan,

I was on a row there with my daily posts until my internet stopped working and ruined everything.

This post will just be a quick update on my pregnancy during fasting. Surprisingly, fasting has helped me maintain a healthy diet, where I am constantly aware of what I am eating and if I am consuming enough nutrients and drinking enough liquids throughout the day. Where as before, I was not conscious of my nutrients intake nor was I drinking enough water through the day.

Since, I’ve been extremely aware of my nutrients, liquids and taking my vitamins daily, I’ve noticed that my legs don’t feel as heavy. I am not wobbling due to discomfort anymore. The only complain that I would have is the lack of sleep. It’s partially my fault because I am putting my kids down to sleep early and I like to enjoy a little bit of quiet time to browse the net and eat some snacks in peace.


2 responses to “Ramadan 2017-Day 7”

  1. Hello, Andrea. Good to hear from you again. Sorry about your internet service. I was following you each day and wondered what had happened. Glad you’re getting through the fasting so well! That’s great news!

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    1. Hi Janet,
      How are you? I just finished writing a post how not well my fast is going lol . How is your reading going? Have you restarted writing your novel?
      Hope you are doing well =)


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