Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Less

A makeover doesn’t need to break the bank. It can even be cheaper than buying a couple of used items in thrift stores. Sometimes just moving or painting a couple of items around the house can have a huge impact.

I have always loved interior design and if there was a career I could go into right now would be just that. I love the idea of making our spaces an echo of our personalities. Style and fashion are a way of expression, and interior design can serve the same purpose.

My interior design style has a lot of influence by my history, lifestyle, and passion. I am a stay-at-home mother (which means I am broke) whose passion involves understanding different cultures, and traditions. This translates to, in the world of interior design that I want my space to be kids appropriate with bohemian aesthetics and lots of ethnic and local handmade presence.

Since moving to Egypt the whole apartment needed/needs an entire makeover but my budget has been minimal. We started with pink walls in the master bedroom (I wanted to rip my eyes off every time I looked at the wall), lime green color in the smaller bedroom, and the rest of the house was a combination of yellow and red (hello McDonald’s). I am pleased to inform you that we have now changed the colors of the walls to light cool gray.

The kitchen and bathroom are the two spaces that need the most work but take the most out of my budget. I am a strong believer that makeovers do not have to be expensive and require buying new items. Thankfully we now live in the era of Pinterest we can find a tone of DIY projects and inspirations. I literally spend hours looking for kitchen makeovers and have created quite a board with a tone of inspiration that I would like to share with you.

If your kitchen is lacking some cabinets like mine then this is a perfect fix. You can literally cut off some extra fabric or curtains you already have around the house place a curtain rod under the counter top and voila, you have an easy project.

etagere murale cuisine de couleur blanc pour la cuisine blanche
Glass Jars
Cortinas decorativas para la cocina | Decoración
Wooden Boards

Open shelves can make such a drastic change to your kitchen, it also makes the kitchen look more spacious.

Tablillero abierto con tubo para guindar
Wood Drying Rack
Natural Cotton Baskets
Make It Work: Smart Design Solutions for Narrow Galley Kitchens
White Dinnerware Set
Remodelista: Sourcebook for Considered Living

Kitchen counters and cabinets can be so expensive and time-consuming that simple wooden shelves all over the kitchen might just be the fix for less cost.

Recycling Bin
Large cast in situ one piece polished concrete worktop
Ceramic Dinnerware

Another cost-effective kitchen makeover is creating extra storage. A storage shelf can be purchased cheaply but it can also be a DIY project.

Lastly, the most gratifying way to do a kitchen makeover is to paint all cabinets. This might have the most drastic change and cheapest method for a makeover.

Below are some other inspirational pictures that might help achieve a kitchen makeover for less.

Before and After: Grody Tin Shelf Gets Pottery-Barn-Style Makeover » Curbly | DIY Design Community
Shelving Unit
ich will eure wohnung sehen.... - Seite 449 - erster, erster, erster!!! :jumpy: her mit den bildern. ich mach welche, wenn ich aufgeräumt habe :oops: 8-[ jaaaa...den thread gibts im... - Forum - GLAMOUR
Wooden Storage


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  1. I like many of these kitchens. Decisions, decisions! I find a lot of great ideas on Pinterest, too.


    1. Pinterest can be addictive.


  2. estoy muy de acuerdo, es adictivo

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  3. Nothing in the world like a beautiful kitchen, 💛💛💛💛💕💕💕💕


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