Kites in the time of Covid-19

This virus has shaken the whole world. It has challenged us and stripped us from our comfort zone.

The seriousness of Covid-19 reached Egypt late February, when the first case of the virus was reported. I remember one day my coworker and I were correcting the student’s book and we began discussing how out of proportion this virus had reached, not fully understanding its velocity. We were taken by surprise how quickly our opinions were changed over a short time. The next thing we knew, we’re no longer conducting our classes in school and were quickly moved to an online system that most of us were not savvy or equipped to master. As this virus has demonstrated, we adapted to a new norm and with soon time dominating it.

This virus has shaken the whole world. It has challenged us and stripped us from our comfort zone. There is no doubt that this virus has had an effect on all of us. Some have dealt with the virus first hand, whether a healthcare worker like, doctors, nurses, hospital workers to virologist and many more professions. Not to mention those who have been effect with the virus or have lost a loved one from of it.

Some have faced economic stress, from loosing jobs to businesses. Some business have fallen short in coping with the new rules and regulations that were imposed consequently from the uniqueness of this new virus.

To many the emotional tension that this virus has brought is real. Many have found escape in finding a greater purpose, or in building a stronger connection with their Creator while time is still at their favor. Some emotions were produced by physical abuse.

Globally, there has been a surge in cases of domestic violence.

Mina Abdulaal

There is no escaping the effects of the novel corona. One way that young Egyptian have been coping with the stresses of this time is to fly kites in the terrace or rooftops. The flying of kites began during Ramadan where young people were trying to pass the time of fasting while home. The flying of kite began when the sun descends before the breaking of the fast which happens at sundown.

photo courtesy of Roger Anis

Suddenly an influx of kites were filling the skies of Egypt. Kids were showing their creativity with their new treasure. It is often with the youth that one finds hope during calamities. Young people have ways to flush trivial times and they often cope with the most unexpected. Undoubtedly the world will never be the same after the virus, that might not be a bad thing. However, children have shown us that happiness lies in the simplicity of things.

photo taken by Roger Anis

4 responses to “Kites in the time of Covid-19”

  1. I’m so happy to see you are blogging again! I have missed you and had become a bit worried about you. I hope you and all your family and friends have stayed well during this pandemic. I admire teachers like you who have had to adjust to online teaching without any warning. I send my best regards to you. I love the pictures of the kites! What a joyful distraction from the pandemic! I am staying inside and well so far. Take care, Andrea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Janet! I’m so happy to hear from you…we are doing well, the online schooling was harder than I thought. But glad I’m done with it for now. How are you? I’m glad you are staying home and safe. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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  2. Hi, Andrea! So good to hear from you! I’m sure online schooling is quite a challenge. Most schools here plan to start the school year with online learning only, due to the pandemic. These are truly unprecedented times we’re in. I’m fortunate to be retired. I only go out for medical appointments. My sister does our grocery shopping. I fractured my leg in January and that caused a blood clot to form and go to my lung, so I was already staying at home before the pandemic came to North Carolina.I’ve recovered very well. My leg is just about completely healed. It’s been an interesting year! Stay safe and well. I send my best wishes to you.


    1. Oh, how terrible that you fractured your leg! I’m glad that you are doing much better and that you are taking all the precaution measures to stay safe during this pandemic. This pandemic has certain changed everyone’s life; I think we are going to have to adapt to the norm. Still, I am very hopeful that the worst is behind us, I just hope we are smarter if and when something else comes along. I’m happy that you have people around you to help you out. Family is indispensable right now. I hope to catch up with you more =)


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