14 Day Writing Challenge- Day 1

Nothing that is worth while comes without pain, sweat and tears.

As the title states, I’ve decided to embark on a truly challenging journey for me. For every habit, one needs to apply consistency. I am hoping that the struggles of this challenge will lead to the ability to write on my blog more often.

Therefore, do not become excessively anxious when you think of pain, and do not fear suffering. It might be that through pain and suffering you will become stronger. And furthermore, for you to live with a burning and passionate heart that has been stung in purer and nobler than to live the dispassionate existence of a person who has a cold heart and a shortsighted outlook.

Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni

This quote reminds me of the obstacles and challenges I had faced as an immigrant in United States, only to become triumphed when I became a naturalized citizen. I never thought that a single certificate that proofs my citizenship to a country would turn out to be so symbolic. I remember the day I got that piece of paper was a turning point in my life. For the past decade I had felt like a true alien of the country, lowering my gaze to anyone that would challenge my status. That day, when I received the piece a paper, I held my head high and finally all my struggles had dissipated. All the struggles, obstacles, calamities had paid off, I had paved my feet firmly to the ground.

Moving to a foreign country in my later years and as a mother had proven to be even more difficult than my previous experiences. There was a lot of resentment, anger and ambiguity in experiencing a different culture. Most foreigners in Egypt were exposed to the privileges that being an expat has to offer, I felt like an outsider as an “expat” and with the Egyptians. For couple of years, I was swimming against the wave, disputing any traditions that I disliked. It wasn’t until I went with the flow, turning my pain into energy that my experience began to change. Instead of focusing on the ugly, I looked at the beauty of the country, finding similarities instead of differences and accepting assimilation instead of firmness.

The words of a passionate sermon can reach the innermost depths of the heart and penetrate the deepest regions of the soul, usually because the one who gives such sermons has himself experienced pain and suffering.


A doctor does not become what he is by not compromising entertainment and even his youth with long straining hours dedicated to his studies. Nothing that is worth while comes without pain, sweat and tears. In fact, the things that we hold most dear to had been acquired through pain and suffering.

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