14 Day Writing Challenge- Day 2

Kids Friendly places in Maadi

The number one complain of mom’s in Egypt is the lack of places to take your kids to run and play for free. If you don’t have a membership to a sporting club your options are limited. With the combination of online research and exploring the area around, I have found pretty much 5 free places in Cairo. Without further ado let’s start with numero Uno.

1. Osana Wellness Center

Osana is by far my favorite place to visit with the kids. It offers everything to any age group and interests. From yoga classes, to massages and facials, to healthy eating, coffee fanatics and selling merchandize from local brands. I usually go there to grab a couple of coffee accompanying with some dark chocolate perfect combination to set the mood to either read a book, chat with friends and even work while the kids are playing.

Talking about kids playing, Osana has a safe playground area that was build entirely by a local carpenter. The place is enclosed doors with a security personal. If the kids get hungry after playing all they long, Osana offers an array of food in their kid’s menu. You can explore their menu in their instagram account.

They are pretty active in their social media account, facebook and instagram where they share their events, activities and updates. My favorite event is their market basket that happens every Friday, where small local business have the opportunity to sell and promote their products.

2. Wadi Degla Protectorate

I’ve known this places for years but it wasn’t until recently that I finally payed a visit to this magnificent place in Maadi. Wadi Degla Protectorate one of the many National Parks in Egypt.

Wadi Degla is one of the most  important valleys  in Egypt . It passes through the limestone rocks that had remained in the marine environment during the Eocene Epoch in the eastern desert (60 million years). Therefore, it is rich with fossils. The height of these rocks alongside the valley is around 50 m. A group of valleys flew into this valley. The protectorate has a group of animals including mammals like dear , taital , mountain rabbits , red fox , feather tailed rat , oviparous , barbed rat, little tailed bat and others. Among the insects there are and many others. 18 species of reptiles have been recorded. The rain water dropping from the waterfalls affected the limestone rocks along the years and formed the so called canyon Degla, which resembles the Grand Canyon in the states


This place is enormous and a perfect escape from the busy chaotic city. We collected what we thought were crystal rocks, when we washed the rocks we realized that it was sea salt. You can never explore this natural place to it’s capacity. The entrance fee is affordable and cheaper than any place in Egypt, for less than a dollar per person and small children get in for free.


3. Old Maadi

The streets of Old Maadi is pretty much an Oasis in Cairo. The streets are filled with old villas where some of them are abandoned which adds to the antiquity of the town. The villas are often hidden by beautiful Jardins and scented trees and chippering birds. It’s an area where you can just walk and glance at the beautiful villas and greenery.

4. Ratios Bakery

It sounds strange that a bakery of all places would offer a free garden for anyone to enjoy from little kids to pet friends. The baked goods itself is out of this world. They offer a free sitting area in their indoor/outdoor patio but the garden is totally free for your enjoyment.

I recently went to Ratios Bakery website and it looks like they will start delivering soon which is convenient since they close at 2 PM and their goods run out quickly.

Image result for ratios bakery
by Cairo Pulse

5.The River Bank (Cornish)

Another wonderful place is to just have your kids walk in the bank of the Nile River or Cornish in Arabic. Cornish holds an array of private clubs that offers sitting areas, food and sometimes play areas in a very affordable prize. But you can just enjoy a walk at the Cornish free of charge you will not be disappointed.

2 responses to “14 Day Writing Challenge- Day 2”

  1. I wish I could visit Egypt, but I know I never will have the opportunity. It’s so different from the landscape and culture I’m accustomed to. I think it would be fascinating. I enjoyed this blog post.

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  2. Yes it is very different, I think Egypt is like being the character of your own story. Everything will be an adventure but people here are very nice and respectful. I hope one day you get to visit and let me know when you do! =


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