Best Local Business in Egypt

There are excellent options to shop locally in Egypt. From your daily produce to your everyday needs. A couple of small local owners are worth mentioning for their dedication, ethics, and overall good products.

Sit tight, you will not regret this countdown!

  1. Naturelle– I met the lovely owner at a local farmer’s market where the products immediately caught my attention. I fell in love with her products and the ethics behind them. Not only are the products handmade but the owner tried to make the products as affordable as possible. I am happy to announce that the products are now being shipped all over Egypt.

2. Country’s – another amazing business owner that I met in the same farmer’s market with her mouth-watering organic and healthy products. The owner makes the most delicious, healthy cakes, snacks, dairy-free milk, butter, and sauces not to mention others. The products are made with love, and care and are free from preservatives. I have indulged in the all-natural peanut butter, hazelnut butter, tomato, and pesto sauces, not to mention the fact that I gulped a whole carrot cake in one sitting.

3. SaraOrganicfood- was established by Sara Nour who moved from Switzerland to Cairo in 2010.

Sara decided to start implementing organic agriculture on an unused piece of land that belonged to her husband’s family. Over the next few years, Sara and her team of farmers and engineers patiently built up the soil and planted orchards of mangoes, grapes, pomegranates, peaches, plums, olives and a wide range of vegetables and herbs.  What started out as selling a few kilos of pesticide free cucumbers at the local farmers market in Zamalek has evolved into an award winning organic food company.

From this incredible dream, Sara Organic Food delivers organic and fresh produce to customers and retailers. Their mission is simple, making organic and sustainable food easily accessible to the public.

4. Black Lotusis an Egyptian brand that offers natural products from oils, to soaps, scrubs and many other skin and body products. It also offers an alternative to preservative and chemically based products to a more healthy and natural option such as deodorant, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and others. My favorite products are without a doubt their extra virgin coconut oil, essential oils, their natural soaps and even their sunscreen for the summer.

5- Maadi Used Books– is probably my favorite local store for the whole family. The name says it all. It’s a store in Maadi which sells all types of used books. You can find all types of text books to novels, well-being, religious, kids stories, language books and so much more. I have bought countless of book for a good bargain.

The reality is that Egypt is flourishing with entrepreneurial spirit. It is practical impossible to miss the opportunity to shop local. There are however some business that sparkle among the crowd. Their influential mission is to improve the lives of the people and the community in all.

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