Natural Home- Mud House From All Over the World

The first time I was inside a mud house, I didn’t know I was in one. It was a hot summer day in the Nubian village in Upper Egypt.The cool breeze inside the mud home would wipe the excruciating heat away. The house was painted in blue inside and out, with folklore designs painted on the walls. There wasn’t much in the house. The seats were crafted all around the walls leaving the middle space empty. I was entirely mesmerized by the exquisite beauty of what I thought was strange yet peaceful living.

At the time I didn’t know the benefits of a mud house but my instincts had told me then that these homes possessed the embodiment of natural living.

Mud houses has been the most sustainable form of living around the world for centuries. A mud house requires only mud and twigs, without needing a professional to design one. You can just build a home with your own hands. Sounds easier said than done but this practice has been passed on for generations in some communities.

Here are some exquisite examples of Mud house being built from all over the world.

Mud homes are not just a tradition from the past, it has many inherent advantages. Perhaps, the most beneficial to people is the low cost of a mud house; in many cases it can solve housing issues all over the world. Another important benefit is that, these homes have better insulation than concrete; not to mention use of local materials makes it the most sustainable and environmental friendly living.

Off course nothing is perfect in this world and mud homes are no exception. A challenge that mud homes have is the lack of resistance in wet climates like it does in dry environments. However, with modern technology and traditional expertise, there are many ways to improve mud homes and make it more prudent towards environmental changes.

2 responses to “Natural Home- Mud House From All Over the World”

  1. This is a very interesting blog post, Andrea. Living in the southeastern part of the United States, I don’t have any experience with mud houses. It’s too wet and humid here, but I’m fascinated by the idea.


    1. I don’t have all the knowledge about mud homes…but I’ve seen videos of people who modernize their mud homes and make them more equip towards rain and other severe weathers…well unless you live in a rain forest, I’ve heard of people who have built mud homes in UK but with better roof. There are even courses to help you build and be informed of your mud home choices.


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