The Chronicles of a Picky Eater- Part 1

This post is definitely not going to be a chronicle but for most mothers, it is their worst nightmare that keeps reoccurring and hunting their everyday lives. Mothers with pick eaters are struggling and crumbling apart. It’s not just devastating thinking that our children are not getting enough nutrients for their overall development but it’s also a drop in our confidence level as a mother. There are all types of picky eaters so that makes it even harder to come up with one general solution. As a teacher, mother, and friend of picky eaters, I have identified some types of eaters.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional so whatever I am about to share is based on my personal experience and observation. I really recommend seeking advice from a medical professional, especially if your child is lacking vitamins.

I will divide this segment into two parts. Part one will be about identifying different types of picky eaters. Part two will be providing some solutions or even how to avoid having a picky eater in the first place.

Let me just start with identifying the types of picky eaters.

  1. I will eat only when I’m hungry

These eaters are actually following the natural cue of hunger. We, as human beings do not need to eat if we don’t feel hungry in most cases. But as an adult, we began to eat as entertainment instead of for survival. We don’t even let our brains communicate with us, to let us know that we are hungry.

2. The children that will eat only in the congregation

Yes, there are children that enjoy eating with other people and are not necessarily alone. It makes total sense because that’s how societies have been eating for generations. , Nowadays our individualists would have us believe that we should have a peaceful meal alone before our children wake up. It’s totally understandable, we, as busy mommies need some time alone to recharge. I will provide a solution to this in part 2.

3. Can’t eat when distracted

Some kids still can’t multitask which means they can’t even watch tv and eat at the same time.

4. Eat too much junk food

I think I don’t need to elaborate that kids who eat too much junk food will not be able to eat a proper meal.

5. “I’m too picky”, attitude.

This is probably the worst type of picky eater because kids start to internalize and become what they have been labeled by. Some kids even get to hear that they are too skinny which in turn can lead to body and mental issues.

6. Finally, kids who lack vitamins

Some kids might not want to eat much because their body is lacking essential vitamins, especially iron. If you have suffered from iron deficiency, then you probably can relate that “anemia” can be a vicious cycle. In this case, it’s more what you eat and not necessarily how much you eat. More about this is in part 2.

So, do you identify with any of these types of picky eaters? Do you have another type that I didn’t mention? I just want to make it clear that I’m not trying to label children, but rather I want to show awareness that this issue is complex and might need multiple solutions. I also want you to know that being a picky eater is not what a child is, it’s not a disability! I would love to hear your stories and advice on this issue that most parents are facing nowadays.


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