Shared Kid’s Room Ideas

As families get bigger the homes seem to get smaller. Having many children and a small place means that you have to be creative with your spaces. The notion of having each child in a separate room is not common in many parts of the world. That is why I’m dedicating this interior post to creative ways for a shared kid’s room.

As soon as I saw this room inspo on Pinterest, I absolutely loved it for many reasons. The first reason is obviously the bed, 3 in 1, what a creative spatial awareness technique. The other aspect of why I admired this room is the loft above the bed. This serves as a place to relax but also for privacy. Not to mention the colors go harmoniously well together.

The most popular way to create a shared kid’s room is having bunk beds. What I like about bunk beds is that it gives a sense of privacy. It’s almost like having your own room, once you go to your bed, no one can see you, like having your private nook. Here are some awesome bunk bed ideas that will leave you puzzled. It’s amazing how you can fit many kids in one small space with bunk beds and still have room for other activities to be done in the room.

My favorite type of bunk bed is having a twin size on the top and a full size or queen at the bottom. This gives an elegant look to the room and also adds an element of safety. I always think of the kid on the top of the bed falling to the ground. Tell me I’m not the only one with this concern?

Although bunk beds offer a convenient way to save space in a shared room. Many people do get concerned with safety like I do. Maybe I have a bunk bed phobia as I think that the upper bed might fall down or the child can fall out of the bed in their sleep. Thankfully there are other ways to save space using single beds. Here are clever techniques that allow for extra room in a shared kids’ bedroom.

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