Becoming Michelle Obama-Book Review

I fell in love with the Obamas as soon as they stepped into the white house. I admired their relatability, dignity, and values. The period during which they were in the White House was the best and most stable time. Fast forwarding to Obama’s departure, Michelle had written her memoir, Becoming. I thought that her book would be a repetition of what we already saw of her as the first lady. I saw her book cover everywhere but didn’t flinch one bit to buy it. I can’t believe that it took this long to read her book.

I quickly fell in love with Michelle. I stand corrected, I became obsessed with her and her whole family.

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Without giving too much spoiler alert, Michelle starts her book by describing her upbringing in the south side of Michigan. The readers can understand Michelle through her core. We know that she has always been determined and ambitious academically. She had a stable upbringing, living in a family building, where her aunt would reside downstairs. The rest of her family lived just blocks away from her house. Michelle’s mother played a huge role in her academic achievements when she taught her how to read before kindergarten. She explained her struggles being a black woman in an Ivy League school, although she surpassed the challenges gracefully.

Her life made a complete turn when she met Barack Obama. Interestingly, my favorite part of the book was when she described Barack before they fell in love. She mentioned in her book, that he had a “wow” factor, which was noticed by everyone. He was not only likable but seemed to do the impossible successfully. It was evident that Barack Obama was destined to be a leader and the president of the United States. Reading about Barack through Michelle added much depth to him, mainly because he was such a professional world leader, unlike many others that we’ve seen in our lifetime. 

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Would I recommend reading this book? It’s a renowned YES. It’s one of those books that would draw me in, and I would lose the sense of time. However, I must say that the book took a turn at the end as it didn’t have as much flare. I think this book is perfect for listening to audible when you are driving, cooking, and even exercising. Michelle did a good job making her narrative seem approachable, like a good old friend conversing with you. 

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