How to Create a Realistic Morning Routine

As a mother, it can be challenging to create a morning routine that works for the whole family.

The trick to a realistic morning routine has more to do with night prep than the morning itself. Preparing the night before helps the morning go smoothly, and it is crucial for those mornings that we oversleep. Getting up early in the morning sounds like good practice. However, not everyone can adopt the “early birth catches the warm” habit. That is why one must implement simple yet easy preparations during the night.

Preparing at Night for the Morning

  1. Preparing the clothing for the next day can be a time safer. Trying to rush out of the house with kids can be so stressful. If outfits are picked out the night before, it can make an impact on the stress level. 
  2. Have the kids and adults pack their bags every night. One is always bound to forget something while rushing out of the house. Has your child ever forgotten to pack up their pencil case or add their lunchbox to their bags? We have in this household. 
  3. Preparing the lunch box the night before is another must for a smooth morning routine. All that is needed to do in the morning is putting those prepped lunchboxes in the bags. 
  4. A simple tidy-up of the house before bed can help de-cluttering the mind in the morning when there are a gazillion things to do.
  5. Organizing what to cook the next day can facilitate during lunchtime. At least having an idea of what to cook for the next day, will take away the mental space you need to do other things the next day.

Morning Routine

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  1. It’s recommended to air out the house by opening the windows in the morning. During winter time, it’s understandable that one does not want to do that, but even for 5 minutes can be healthy.
  2.  Taking out the trash in the morning can eliminate build-up odor around the house.
  3.  Pets are also part of the family and are required to be part of the morning routine. Walking the dog, cleaning the cat’s litter, or feeding the pets, all belong to the morning routine. 
  4.  A shower can be refreshing for those early birds, it can have the same waking effect as coffee.
  5. Stretching not only helps morning stiffness but will also help you gain the energy needed to go on your busy day. Stretching for me has been a lifesaver as I have always suffered from back and hip pain.
  6. It is difficult to exercise in general when you are a mother not to mention adding it to your morning routine. However, exercising is so essential, especially for mothers who are always juggling kids and running errands all day. Sometimes what I do is actually add a couple of exercise moves while I’m dressing. For example, for every item of clothing, I put on, I do an exercise move, like squads or walk in place while watching the news.
  7. Lastly, drinking liquids can replenish and help stay hydrated. Some, make it part of their routine to eat breakfast and some pack their breakfast for their destination.

“It’s not about what you eat but how you eat.”

It’s not always a necessity to eat breakfast early in the morning if there is no time. However, every meal whether eaten at home or in another place should be a mindful exercise. Eating mindfully can have a powerful effect. So, if there is no time to eat mindfully in the early morning, it can be skipped until a better time. Find the time to sit down, relax and enjoy your meal.

Easy and Simple Steps

What is your favorite morning routine?

A morning routine is very personal and looks different according to what works best in each family. Out of curiosity, which of these morning routines is your favorite? Also, do you have a morning routine not mentioned here? Let us know in the comment section.


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2 responses to “How to Create a Realistic Morning Routine”

  1. Great article! I am an early morning riser, but I also get a lot prepared the evening before. A clean house to start each day helps me to stay organized, clutter causes chaos. I also work out every morning before we start school.


    1. Thank you, Danielle….working out is so essential and really defines your day! I agree with you clutter causes chaos and frustration.


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