2023 Holiday and Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is celebrated all over the world. In Egypt, mother’s day is on March 18th, basically the same day I’m writing this post. I am not one to celebrate these types of occasions, in fact, my mother’s day gift was a morning tantrum. However, I found that Egypt contrary to my attitude makes a big deal of this day. Most people gather at their eldest of the family, which can mean either at the grandmother’s house or mother-in-law’s. The biggest present goes to the mother as she is considered the head of the family structure.

People go a step further when celebrating mother’s day here. If you are teaching you will be lavished with parents’ gifts. It’s a tradition to gift teachers during mother’s day, and parents can get very creative with their gift ideas. That’s why it’s very imperative to be smart and creative in turns of budgeting your gift spending.

Here are smart and fun gifts that anyone will love;


Everyone loves their homes to smell heavenly. That is why candles are a perfect gift to someone special. You can even personalize the candle by the scent that the person loves the most.


Everyone uses cups, but personalized cups are the best. You can either put an inspirational quote or even the person’s name. There are also cups that tell someone that you have put extra thought into the gifting process.

Beauty product

Women cannot have enough beauty products, from cleansers to nail polish, perfume, and much more.


I love to gift a captured moment and put it in a cute frame. You can even go a step further and make an album with all the good times you shared with each other.


In Egypt, a scarf is a perfect gift for obvious reasons but in reality, scarfs are very versatile gifts with different patterns, colors, and textures.


Nowadays socks have become too cute and personable to be the perfect gift. I don’t know about you but my socks always end up missing, so I always welcome a new pair of cute and comfy socks as a gift.

Throw Blanket

For the decor lover, a throw is the best gift, it’s soft, comfy, and beautiful.

Phone case

Most people don’t have the time or the will to shop and look for another phone case. Plus there are so many phone cases out there that it’s nearly impossible to make up your mind. That is why a new phone case is always a great idea for a mother’s day gift.


A journal is a perfect gift especially if you don’t know what to give to someone. Even if the person you are giving the journal to is not into journaling, everyone will need a notebook at some point, and if it’s extra cute that will just motivate you to start journaling.


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2 responses to “2023 Holiday and Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. Happy Mothers Day Mumma!!! All fantastic ideas; et I hope you had a superb celebration with all the good memories your heart can hold! Big love, <3<3<3<3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my sweet friend =)


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