How to Find Motivation as a Stay-at-Home Mother

If you are staying at home with the kids, then you know that, it can burn you out and leave you depleted. It sounds great at first, the idea of staying home, not having to rush out of the house to work, and finding a good care provider. Theoretically, staying home is the best scenario for the child and the mother. To put it into practice is another story. It’s not just physically difficult, but can also take a toll on your mental well-being.

I’ve always taken one year off from work with my previous children after giving birth, and this time was not going to be different. I’m blessed to be able to have the choice to stay home. There are so many benefits for the baby but also for the mother. However, staying at home can be emotionally straining.

If you have been feeling defeated and unmotivated as a stay-at-home mother, luckily, I’ll share some ways to make this journey less challenging. Note that there will always be days when you just had enough. Know that these days shall pass, and it’s ok not to feel down and even a little depressed. You are doing great! Raising a child is a hard job, so mess-ups and fatigue are normal symptoms to have.

Let’s get into the tips and hacks of a motivated stay-at-home warrior, shall we?

Stay Active

The most important advice to a stay-at-home mom is to be as physically active as possible. Exercising is going to boost your mood and will also get you back in shape sooner. I’m not concerned about my weight, but I emphasize building strength instead. I know what you are thinking; t’s easier said than done. It doesn’t matter if it’s pretty or in a 20-minute block, you can do it anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. I walk in place when doing the dishes or do some HIT when changing my clothes. It’s all about being creative in your exercises. Having a good baby carrier will also help if you like going for a walk. Babies are less fussy when they are being held which will most likely allow you to enjoy a walk peacefully.

Sharpen Your Mind

Secondly, keeping your mind busy is crucial. I have a terrible habit of wasting my time on social media when breastfeeding. A solution I found helpful, was to read instead of being on the phone. I noticed that when I would spend many hours on my phone checking the lives of others, I would enter a comparison trap which would bring my mood down. Reading not only sharpens the mind during the downtime of staying at home but also opens doors to different ideas and concepts. I also like listening to podcasts, especially when I’m cooking and driving. Here is the list of some books that I’ve read and listened to so far;

You can listen to all these books with a free month trial on Audible.


Meeting up with friends is essential for combating depression. Socializing is an immediate mood booster. It’s very important to surround yourself with positive people who you know will find good energy when around them.


Journaling for me has been a life changer. I’ve combatted depression through journaling. I’ve been able to have a sense of clarity because of journaling. If you can start one of these tips, I would suggest journaling. Write on your journal for 7 consecutive days and you will see the difference. After that it can journal every other day, but the more often you do it, the better. Write down every single feeling, and those emotions will slowly disappear.

I love to get cute journals to keep me motivated to write on:


Pampering oneself can boost your self-esteem by two folds. After giving birth, my clothes wouldn’t fit, and I needed to lift myself from doubt, so I decided to change my hair color. There is a misconception that pampering takes time and money. To put it simply, I consider my ginger tea and hot chocolate a way to pamper myself.


Last but not least, even though you are a stay-at-home mom, you can still work on your dreams and hopes for the future. There are so many ways to stay ahead without being in the workforce, like taking courses, learning a craft, starting a business, and so much more.

Staying at home is not as easy and glorious as you might see through Instagram influencers’pages and youtubers. It’s really hard and straining. There will be lots of downs and doubts but there will also be wonderful moments that will offset the negatives. Try these proven habits yourself and see the difference in your stay-at-home journey. Let me know which of these practices you will start right now.


2 responses to “How to Find Motivation as a Stay-at-Home Mother”

  1. I love your tips on staying active!

    I’ve never been consistent in journaling but you explain the benefits well. Perhaps this is a good time for me to try again!

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    1. Thank you for reading. I hope you get to journal.. you will feel the difference. Let me know if started journaling when you do.

      Liked by 1 person

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