What to Pack to Egypt with Kids

If you have children then it’s almost impossible to travel light. As a parent you want to bring any type of safety gear and any piece of clothing in case of any scenario possible. The anxiety of traveling to an unknown country does not help with wanting to travel light.

The good news is that Egypt has everything plus more, if you would ever need anything that you forgot to pack or didn’t think you would need then you will find in a jiffy.

Another bonus is the fact that you don’t need a prescription at the pharmacy. You just need to name your symptoms and the pharmacist will give you whatever your need.

Traveling light can be achievable with some of these tips. I will tell you what you should bring and what you can leave behind with you.

What to Bring to Egypt

What should you bring to Egypt especially if you have kids? Many places in Egypt are full of dust and the streets can be bumpy. It is extremely crucial that you bring good supporting shoes, not just because of the dust but also because of your back, walking on bumpy roads is no fun! A word of advice is not to bring brand-new shoes to Egypt, they will be ruined quickly. So any old pair of trainers or hiking shoes you have around the house will be fine. Bring another pair of shoes if you are going to go to a beach resort or visit family/friends. For the kids, I would just bring a good pair of trainers for all occasions. Here you will find a ridiculous amount of flippers everywhere for very cheap. Flippers in Egypt are called shipship, you can dispose of them or keep them for memory. Here are some good ideas of shoes to bring:

Strollers and baby-carrier

The roads are bumpy and you will find that most places do not have an elevator so the lighter the stroller the better for bigger kids. For babies, I would recommend a good baby carrier.


It’s good to have light colors clothe but not so much as white pants. If you are travelling in summer then paying attention to the material is very important. You should pack loose, cotton, linen, and viscose clothing. Do not bring any item that is made out of polyester or does not have any breathable properties. Not only is Egypt a Muslim country but it’s also extremely sunny, which means you should try to cover as much part of the skin as possible to avoid sunburn.


Although sun hats are widely available in Egypt. Hats are one of the things that you should carry on your own to avoid problems (if you can guess where I am going with this). Bring sunhats, caps any source of hats.


Sunglasses are everywhere so if it’s one of the items that you forgot to bring, no worries, you can buy sunglasses from local vendors for the cost of less than a dollar. Since the sun is not powerful here than if you have sunglasses that protect you from UV light then I would put it on the travel list.


By now all parents know that sunscreen is packed with harmful chemicals and trying to buy the most natural sun protection is recommendable. Here the sunscreens seem to be packed with even more chemicals. However, if you forgot your sunscreen, I know how to make a natural sunscreen and all ingredients can be found here. Let me know if you want me to write a post about natural sunscreen in the comments below.


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