Tips to Thrive as a Mom Living Abroad

Motherhood and living abroad have their set of challenges but both possess rewarding experiences that can help you grow as a mother and a person. I’ve moved abroad pretty much all my life and although there were struggles along those moves, I would not change my life experiences if I could. It had been a wonderful growing experience that you can not learn from formal education.

As your family grows, it becomes harder to travel the world just for fun. That is why moving abroad for a period of time might be an intelligent way to provide worldly experiences to your children. Also depending on where you move to, some countries, like Egypt have different cultures and traditions depending on what region you visit. Therefore traveling within the country you decide to reside in can be incredibly affordable and adventurous. I’ve been living in Egypt for 8 years and haven’t seen all that Egypt has to offer, the amount of site-seeing and adventure is endless here.

I’m all about helping mothers navigate their motherhood with ease and sharing my experience with you. With that said, here are some tips for making the most of your time as a mom in a foreign country that is much more special.

Build a community

I just discovered lately on how important building a community of mom is for any mom especially if you are leaving your family behind to move abroad. No mother should feel alone and without support. Through my experience, I have found that mothers are willing to help and support one another. Join a local parent support group or look for online communities to connect with other expat moms.

Learn the culture

The best way to learn about the culture is to befriend an Egyptian mother. An Egyptian friend can show you around, and let you know the local places which usually are cheaper. They can teach what is acceptable and appropriate in their culture. Enjoy a different culture and try new things-you might discoverthat you enjoy some parents of the culture more than you expected.

Learn the language

If you are living in a country where the primary language is not your native tongue, learning a new language can help you feel more at home and make it easier to connect with the locals. It is also an opportunity for your child to learn a new language in the school that they will attend.

Self care

It is hard to prioritize self care when living abroad, where every minimal tasks seems to take more energy than it would normally take. That is why it’s crucial to take care of yourself. Self care does not have to be expensive and going out of your way. Taking a bath, drinking herbal tea, exercising or doing someone you enjoy can be simple ways to practice self-care.

Living abroad as a mom can be an amazing adventure, but it’s important to create routines that will help you navigate the challenges that come with it. However, living abroad is the best way to create an ever-lasting worldly experience with your family.

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