• Lesson Learned: An Expat Journey to Motherhood in Egypt

    “It takes a village to raise a child,” my husband likes to say. 

    But what if you live in a mega city like Cairo with more than 20 million inhabitants and you have not just one child, but three instead?

    You have to find your way through all the good and bad advice, you must develop a good sense of humor and you must learn to adapt to a challenging environment. 

    I am white, German, with green eyes. My husband is Egyptian, Muslim, and a dark-skinned Arab man. His roots are in Upper Egypt. This is the place where families are still fighting with knives, guns, and sticks against each other. These facts are giving us creative breeding grounds for endless sarcastic jokes. 

    Kristin Jankowski’s Work

    First Lesson of motherhood

    From a retro perspective, there are many reasons to laugh. I still remember when I was pregnant with my first daughter. “Just leave Egypt and go back to Germany. There you will have health insurance. It doesn’t matter if the child is having a father or not,” a German woman told me. It was the first lesson I have learned: Don’t listen to people who are not even having a boyfriend.  This is how my journey through motherhood in Egypt began.

    The second lesson is a weird one

    Through my daughter, I entered the circle of so-called Expats: Foreigners with damn good jobs. I found myself and my baby sitting on their huge sofas in the best neighborhoods of Cairo, witnessing one of the most absurd things I have ever experienced in my life.

    In a luxurious five-bedroom, 3 bathrooms apartment in the posh area of Zamalek, I heard two Expats speaking about how difficult it is to find a new flat in Cairo.

    “You know, man”, this one guy said “Since days I have been going around, trying to find a new apartment, but I can just find shit.” The other guy started to laugh:” Yes, I know. For around 3.000 US Dollars you can just find shitholes.” Shitholes.

    And I still remember one guy saying:” In Cairo you just get bad food for a lot of money.”

    The guy was a foreign correspondent for a German newspaper.

    A big one.

    I cannot count anymore how many times I heard them saying how “lazy” and “stupid” Egyptians are. Not all of them. But definitely more than enough to learn my second lesson:

    Don’t waste your precious time with arrogant and racist Foreigners.

    Since I am a mother I realise more and more how the “western” perspective on motherhood has shaped me. They taught me, there is nothing more important in life than your career, a child is just standing in your way, you will be just a slave to a man when you get married and if you have a Baby, just put it in a nursery as soon as possible. When I carried my 3 month old child, an English woman asked me, what I am doing for a living. I was confused and told her, I have a Baby now and it keeps me very busy. She couldn’t understand what I was talking about and kept on asking me what I was working on.

    And I remember another European woman who was trying to convince me, I am just with my husband because I am so dependent on him. She was the one who told me about the benefits of being a single mom, getting social welfare, and raising my three children without a father.

    The third lesson is a hard one

    Don’t listen to people who see no value in motherhood and don’t argue with people who don’t understand what it means to keep a family together.

    I think the fourth lesson is my favorite

    Be selfish! You, as a mom, are the backbone of the family. You are there to support, uplift, organize, and arrange most of the things, you keep the calendar. When you don’t function, nothing is functioning anymore. So be nice to yourself and fight for your time to do what you really love. Maybe you are blessed with a beautiful talent. And why not pursue it when you are pretty damn good at it? Hide yourself in the bathroom to draw, sing while you are ironing clothes, stay awake at night to write, and take all your kids to your sports training.

    When you feel good, it reflects on your family. The pleasure that you are taking from your activities is contributing to the stability of your health and your home life.

    Lesson number five is a reminder

    And when you have bad days then remember lesson number 5. Sometimes everything can be overwhelming, stressful, frustrating, unfair, and very stupid. When you think of taking your backpack and just driving to the airport to escape – alone- then take a deep breath.

    And call your real friends. Talk to the ones which are listening to you instead of waiting for their turn to talk. It is okay to hate your children and your husband sometimes. Then meet your friend which is giving you a big power hug and wash away your tears. Talk to the people who are telling you that everything will be alright.

    It is okay to hate everyone today. But tomorrow it is your duty to do everything to make peace again.

    I think lesson number six will be my last one

    When I was pregnant with my third child, I heard that someone was gossiping about me.

    It was a childfree female educator in her forties who said:” Just the women who are too lazy to work are having three children.”

    And I laughed. Really hard.

    People who don’t even know how it is to give birth to a child shouldn’t put you down with their ignorance. Just laugh about it.

    I think motherhood is definitely underestimated in the culture where I come from. I even heard a mom of three telling me, she left Germany with her children because she was treated so disrespectfully that she couldn’t stand it anymore.

    It is a very eye opening experience to be a mom in Egypt. My husband is the one who loves mother’s day and when I tell him, there are some people who think this day is very discriminatory and should be abolished, he cannot stop laughing and asks me if I am joking. The staff in the supermarket is helpful and they carry my bags, people are calling me “Madame”.

    And: No, my husband is not forcing me to wear a veil, he is not locking me inside the house, I don’t need to ask him for permission to leave the apartment, he is not hitting me, he is not oppressing me, I am not his slave, I don’t have to walk behind him and I am not forced to convert to Islam. And when I think I just want to give up everything, he is the one who is keeping us all together.

    Hey, wait, this is my last lesson

    Rethink your prejudices toward Arab Men! Rethink your prejudices against Men in general. We are not enemies. We must learn how to deal with our differences and embrace our commonalities. We should stop misandry and the anti-male ideology and teach our girls and boys to respect each other – and not to fight against each other. I think this is the only way we can save families. In Egypt. And everywhere else too.

    Guest Post by Kristin Jankowski

    Kristin is a German expat living in Egypt since 2008. She is a mother of three daughters. Raising her daughters in a mixed-culture family lead her towards challenging her upbringing and cultural perspective on family values. She is a former journalist and a children’s book Author in Egypt. She collaborated with theatre directors Mokhtar Eldenary and Abdelrahman Karim and students of Tawasol Community Center on a children’s play called, “The Mermaid and the Enchanted Lake”.

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  • Best Homeschooling Room Ideas

    A recent study reports that more than fifty percent of Americans would homeschool their children if they could. When I would mention that I would like to homeschool my kids to anyone, rolling eyes was the first attitude I’d get, followed by, “isn’t that a bit extremist?” “How would the kids learn social skills?” Psychologists have shown that kids learn social skills when they have strong bonds with family and healthy relationships at home, where they feel safe and prepared for the world’s challenges. I will mention below alternative ways homeschooled children can socialize. What I like most about homeschooling is the opportunity to emphasize the child’s character and self-awareness without societal pressures.

    Pin it for Later

    I also believe homeschooling is evolving from its stereotypical traditional approach. There is a plethora of resources that make it challenging to choose the right homeschooling approach. If you have been wondering whether you should homeschool your child but cannot take the leap of faith, I recommend testing the waters during the summer. Observe your child’s progress and yourself during this learning journey.

    Summer is the most energetic time for me. I enjoyed the process of teaching my kids from home. On the other hand, I knew that my feelings would change drastically in the winter. I also enjoyed the fact that I was teaching my children without pressure and over-commitment. As soon as the summer vacation commenced, we went all into homeschooling. I’d decided to teach all my children through unit studies, but different levels and concepts according to their level. One topic that intrigued everyone in the family was learning about dinosaurs. We went to a bookstore called Maadi Used Books and found many resources. The youngest was four and enjoyed the lessons so much that she even dreamt of dinosaurs. I also concentrated mainly on math, reading, and writing, as my children were weak in these subjects.

    My children were able to craft these digital stories after hard work and dedication to writing.

    What I was most proud of was introducing entrepreneurship to my children. We bought different colors of polymer clay, got some inspiring designs online, and began making rings. On our outings, the girls took the rings with them, persuading parents into buying their products.

    Going out to different places forces children to meet new people whom they wouldn’t ordinarily meet in a school setting.

    I concluded that homeschooling came to be defined based on your gravitation, identification, and educational approach. I believe that every educational opportunity is considered homeschooling. Homeschool is always in motion, doesn’t need to be applied with a textbook or even a home.

    What does homeschooling mean to you?

    Since I believe a home should facilitate a learning environment. Here are some ideas that incorporate homeschooling with common spaces.

    The dining room is the perfect space to homeschool and even create a study spot. The room already comes with a table and usually storage furniture such as shelves, cabinets, a buffet, and more. I love that the school supplies are used as centerpieces.

    Nature is a child’s intriguing teacher. Going on a nature walk, observing, and conversing about nature is more engaging than reading the information from a textbook. The theme of the next homeschool.

    My dream would be to have an extra room dedicated to studying and working. There is something about designated rooms that serve a particular function that boosts productivity and motivational levels.


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    How to Create an Earthy and Natural Home

    In today’s era, we try to make our living spaces more like temples. An environment that allows for relaxing and distressing from a busy day. Intuitively we like to occupy our space with materials that remind us of nature. Plants are perfect for setting up a pleasant environment in our homes. Luckily, there are also many other ways to make a home more natural.

    Earthy colors and natural made items automatically enhance the calmness and serenity in an environment. If your goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home, it is possible that you will get inspired by the following photos.

    Woven Baskets

    Baskets are a great way to add texture and culture to any space. Today, baskets are versatile and there is no rule on how to decorate baskets in a home setting. Baskets can be used as lamp features, wall decor, and off course for an elegant storage option.

    Baskets are the perfect decor to add a simple yet colorful, natural feeling to any home.


    Recreate these looks with natural woven baskets and light fixtures on Amazon


    Fabric is another great way to add a fresh feel to a home, especially with natural, environmentally friendly fabrics such as linen and cotton. I love when the breeze of the wind creates magical movements of the curtains.


    Natural, untouched, or vintage wood adds essence and history to any space. Tell me if these pictures are not giving you natural and peaceful vibes?


    Plants are not only good for our health but it creates a natural ambiance. Plants bring a room to life while adding a sense of serenity and peace. I like to add extra texture to the plant by potting it in woven baskets for an extra feel of nature.


    Finally, it’s all about simplicity. The simpler a room is the more you are able to relax and rejuvenate your energy. Having a cluttered home can add so much unnecessary stress and frustration. Look how peaceful these rooms look.

    How do you incorporate nature into your living spaces?


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    The photos are taken from Pinterest, the origin of the photos is found there.

  • Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Less

    A makeover doesn’t need to break the bank. It can even be cheaper than buying a couple of used items in thrift stores. Sometimes just moving or painting a couple of items around the house can have a huge impact.

    I have always loved interior design and if there was a career I could go into right now would be just that. I love the idea of making our spaces an echo of our personalities. Style and fashion are a way of expression, and interior design can serve the same purpose.

    My interior design style has a lot of influence by my history, lifestyle, and passion. I am a stay-at-home mother (which means I am broke) whose passion involves understanding different cultures, and traditions. This translates to, in the world of interior design that I want my space to be kids appropriate with bohemian aesthetics and lots of ethnic and local handmade presence.

    Since moving to Egypt the whole apartment needed/needs an entire makeover but my budget has been minimal. We started with pink walls in the master bedroom (I wanted to rip my eyes off every time I looked at the wall), lime green color in the smaller bedroom, and the rest of the house was a combination of yellow and red (hello McDonald’s). I am pleased to inform you that we have now changed the colors of the walls to light cool gray.

    The kitchen and bathroom are the two spaces that need the most work but take the most out of my budget. I am a strong believer that makeovers do not have to be expensive and require buying new items. Thankfully we now live in the era of Pinterest we can find a tone of DIY projects and inspirations. I literally spend hours looking for kitchen makeovers and have created quite a board with a tone of inspiration that I would like to share with you.

    If your kitchen is lacking some cabinets like mine then this is a perfect fix. You can literally cut off some extra fabric or curtains you already have around the house place a curtain rod under the counter top and voila, you have an easy project.

    etagere murale cuisine de couleur blanc pour la cuisine blanche
    Glass Jars
    Cortinas decorativas para la cocina | Decoración
    Wooden Boards

    Open shelves can make such a drastic change to your kitchen, it also makes the kitchen look more spacious.

    Tablillero abierto con tubo para guindar
    Wood Drying Rack
    Natural Cotton Baskets
    Make It Work: Smart Design Solutions for Narrow Galley Kitchens
    White Dinnerware Set
    Remodelista: Sourcebook for Considered Living

    Kitchen counters and cabinets can be so expensive and time-consuming that simple wooden shelves all over the kitchen might just be the fix for less cost.

    Recycling Bin
    Large cast in situ one piece polished concrete worktop
    Ceramic Dinnerware

    Another cost-effective kitchen makeover is creating extra storage. A storage shelf can be purchased cheaply but it can also be a DIY project.

    Lastly, the most gratifying way to do a kitchen makeover is to paint all cabinets. This might have the most drastic change and cheapest method for a makeover.

    Below are some other inspirational pictures that might help achieve a kitchen makeover for less.

    Before and After: Grody Tin Shelf Gets Pottery-Barn-Style Makeover » Curbly | DIY Design Community
    Shelving Unit
    ich will eure wohnung sehen.... - Seite 449 - erster, erster, erster!!! :jumpy: her mit den bildern. ich mach welche, wenn ich aufgeräumt habe :oops: 8-[ jaaaa...den thread gibts im... - Forum - GLAMOUR
    Wooden Storage


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  • Tips to Thrive as a Mom Living Abroad

    Motherhood and living abroad have their set of challenges but both possess rewarding experiences that can help you grow as a mother and a person. I’ve moved abroad pretty much all my life and although there were struggles along those moves, I would not change my life experiences if I could. It had been a wonderful growing experience that you can not learn from formal education.

    As your family grows, it becomes harder to travel the world just for fun. That is why moving abroad for a period of time might be an intelligent way to provide worldly experiences to your children. Also depending on where you move to, some countries, like Egypt have different cultures and traditions depending on what region you visit. Therefore traveling within the country you decide to reside in can be incredibly affordable and adventurous. I’ve been living in Egypt for 8 years and haven’t seen all that Egypt has to offer, the amount of site-seeing and adventure is endless here.

    I’m all about helping mothers navigate their motherhood with ease and sharing my experience with you. With that said, here are some tips for making the most of your time as a mom in a foreign country that is much more special.

    Build a community

    I just discovered lately on how important building a community of mom is for any mom especially if you are leaving your family behind to move abroad. No mother should feel alone and without support. Through my experience, I have found that mothers are willing to help and support one another. Join a local parent support group or look for online communities to connect with other expat moms.

    Learn the culture

    The best way to learn about the culture is to befriend an Egyptian mother. An Egyptian friend can show you around, and let you know the local places which usually are cheaper. They can teach what is acceptable and appropriate in their culture. Enjoy a different culture and try new things-you might discoverthat you enjoy some parents of the culture more than you expected.

    Learn the language

    If you are living in a country where the primary language is not your native tongue, learning a new language can help you feel more at home and make it easier to connect with the locals. It is also an opportunity for your child to learn a new language in the school that they will attend.

    Self care

    It is hard to prioritize self care when living abroad, where every minimal tasks seems to take more energy than it would normally take. That is why it’s crucial to take care of yourself. Self care does not have to be expensive and going out of your way. Taking a bath, drinking herbal tea, exercising or doing someone you enjoy can be simple ways to practice self-care.

    Living abroad as a mom can be an amazing adventure, but it’s important to create routines that will help you navigate the challenges that come with it. However, living abroad is the best way to create an ever-lasting worldly experience with your family.

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  • What to Pack to Egypt with Kids

    If you have children then it’s almost impossible to travel light. As a parent you want to bring any type of safety gear and any piece of clothing in case of any scenario possible. The anxiety of traveling to an unknown country does not help with wanting to travel light.

    The good news is that Egypt has everything plus more, if you would ever need anything that you forgot to pack or didn’t think you would need then you will find in a jiffy.

    Another bonus is the fact that you don’t need a prescription at the pharmacy. You just need to name your symptoms and the pharmacist will give you whatever your need.

    Traveling light can be achievable with some of these tips. I will tell you what you should bring and what you can leave behind with you.

    What to Bring to Egypt

    What should you bring to Egypt especially if you have kids? Many places in Egypt are full of dust and the streets can be bumpy. It is extremely crucial that you bring good supporting shoes, not just because of the dust but also because of your back, walking on bumpy roads is no fun! A word of advice is not to bring brand-new shoes to Egypt, they will be ruined quickly. So any old pair of trainers or hiking shoes you have around the house will be fine. Bring another pair of shoes if you are going to go to a beach resort or visit family/friends. For the kids, I would just bring a good pair of trainers for all occasions. Here you will find a ridiculous amount of flippers everywhere for very cheap. Flippers in Egypt are called shipship, you can dispose of them or keep them for memory. Here are some good ideas of shoes to bring:

    Strollers and baby-carrier

    The roads are bumpy and you will find that most places do not have an elevator so the lighter the stroller the better for bigger kids. For babies, I would recommend a good baby carrier.


    It’s good to have light colors clothe but not so much as white pants. If you are travelling in summer then paying attention to the material is very important. You should pack loose, cotton, linen, and viscose clothing. Do not bring any item that is made out of polyester or does not have any breathable properties. Not only is Egypt a Muslim country but it’s also extremely sunny, which means you should try to cover as much part of the skin as possible to avoid sunburn.


    Although sun hats are widely available in Egypt. Hats are one of the things that you should carry on your own to avoid problems (if you can guess where I am going with this). Bring sunhats, caps any source of hats.


    Sunglasses are everywhere so if it’s one of the items that you forgot to bring, no worries, you can buy sunglasses from local vendors for the cost of less than a dollar. Since the sun is not powerful here than if you have sunglasses that protect you from UV light then I would put it on the travel list.


    By now all parents know that sunscreen is packed with harmful chemicals and trying to buy the most natural sun protection is recommendable. Here the sunscreens seem to be packed with even more chemicals. However, if you forgot your sunscreen, I know how to make a natural sunscreen and all ingredients can be found here. Let me know if you want me to write a post about natural sunscreen in the comments below.


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  • First-Time Moms Must Have Essentials

    As a first-time mom, there are countless things to consider and prepare before the baby arrives. Although, it’s an exciting time for the mom it can be also overwhelming preparing for the little one. If you go to Target or look at a baby registry, you will be bombarded with countless baby products at your sight. One might wonder if we really need all of these baby products. Plus, baby equipment and products can be very expensive. So, which one do we prioritize, and which products are not at all necessary?

    As a mother of four with very little baby equipment, I am here to help you choose the right products to make sure you have peace of mind and also to help you save money that will be needed for endless amounts of diapers, so it feels.

    One of the most important things for first-time moms to consider is what essentials they will need for both themselves and their baby. Without further ado, here are the top items that should be on your list, even as a minimalist.

    Diaper and Wipes

    If you live in the West consider yourself lucky, as hospitals usually gift moms with a reasonable amount of diapers but you will have to have your stash at home as newborn babies poop a lot for the first couple of weeks. Some people say that you should stock on diapers but contrary to that belief, I would advise the opposite. You don’t know if your baby will have an allergy reaction. Plus babies outgrow newborn size very quickly.

    Coconut Oil

    I use coconut oil for everything, from the skin to hair too, you guessed it, baby bum. Now, I know that there are a variety of natural creams and, oils out there that you can be used for your baby’s situation. But let’s face it, if there is a product that can do everything, why put money on a one-purpose product, unless necessary? When it comes to baby rash, prevention is the key, and coconut oil does a pretty good job of that.


    Babies grow quickly, so make sure you have a variety of sizes for your newborn to 3 months. Babies barely stay in the newborn size for very long and that is why for the second time around, I didn’t get any newborn-size clothes, which mean that for a while my baby was dressed in oversized clothes.

    Breastfeeding and/or Bottles

    If you are planning on breastfeeding that you will need a good breast pump and bottles and milk storage bags if you are planning on going back to work immediately. Since I took a year off from work I actually didn’t get an electric breast pump, I got instead a manual one which is much cheaper.


    You’ll need a bath to safely bathe your baby. Although, for the first couple of days you can use a damped cloth to clean your child, you will need a bathtub later on, as babies are very slippery when trying to bathe them.

    Swaddle Blankets

    Invest in good swaddle blankets as not only do swaddle blankets have multifunction and they last forever. I have my swaddle blankets since my first child and I don’t just use it for swaddling the baby. I use it as a cover up when I’m breastfeeding in public. As you guessed it by now I like to repurpose things.

    Carseat and Stroller

    In the US you will not be able to leave the hospital without a car seat but here in Egypt, many people actually don’t even have car seats installed in their cars. For the women who do not drive here, they will simply just carry their baby whenever in a car. For those, who do drive a car seat is absolutely necessary. Fun fact, here in Egypt you can install your car seat on the passenger’s side in the front. Let me know if your country also allows you to install a car seat at the front of the car.

    When it comes to stroller, it depends on which country you live in but a good rule of thumb is not to spend your money on very expensive strollers. However, you should consider a good quality weight stroller. As moms, we are often running a million errands a day and it can be exhausting lifting a very heavy stroller all day, every day.

    Postpartum Essentials

    I don’t know about you but my doctor didn’t really provide knowledge on what postpartum will look like and what women need after birth. I think they just assume their patients know but in fact, I didn’t know until I stomped upon videos on YouTube. You’ll need pads, comfortable clothing, and breast ointments in case of pain.

    Baby Carrier

    I can’t express enough how important a baby carrier is for first-time mothers. Trying to adjust to the new lifestyle can be hard and challenging. In order words, if you want to get anything done throughout the day, you must carry your baby on you. I like to use a baby wrap for the first couple of months and once the baby gets heavier, the baby can be carried with a carrier that provides more support for the mother.

    I would like to add that I have two criteria for the baby carrier. One criteria is that the baby head has to be up where the mother can easily tilt her head down to kiss the baby’s head. The other one is that the baby’s knee’s have to be high. Please do your research before you seek my recommendation.

    Have you found any of these essentials helpful? If so, which one did you not prepare for the first baby?


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    The Power of Islamic Fasting: Improving Spiritual and Physical Wellness

    The end of Ramadan is right around the corner, and I can’t help but to reflect on the challenges of fasting and the spiritual journey. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims observe fasting from dawn until sunset for the whole month of Ramadan, consisting of 29 to 30 days. Although fasting makes up a big part of Ramadan, other aspects of worship, like charity, patience, and prayers are amplified practices that have a significant impact during the spiritual journey of Ramadan.

    In this post, I will discuss how fasting has been shown to have numerous spiritual and health benefits. Fasting has a significant spiritual awakening, it deepens a person’s sense of gratitude and compassion towards what we have been blessed with, like a home, clothes, and food the essentials to keep us alive. It serves as a reminder of one’s faith and commitment to God and encourages acts of charity and kindness toward others.

    The benefits of fasting on our health are numerous. Many people have realized the positive effects that fasting has on the body and already practice intermediate fasting to achieve longevity and improve their overall health. Fasting not only has been found to improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation in the body but has also been linked to weight loss and improved brain health.

    Fasting not only improves mental and physical health, but also creates essential habits like discipline, community responsibilities, and accountability for one’s actions. It’s also a great way to achieve virtues such as patience and the ability to focus on what is essential in this life. Oftentimes, we get carried away with pursuing the lushes of this world, forgetting the principle of our existence. Personally Ramadan is an opportunity to calibrate and balance my soul between the abundance of this life and achieve a sustainable and mindfulness lifestyle. Imagine fasting every year for the rest of your life? Fasting is one of the effective ways to achieve self-reflection, which can lead to greater self-awareness and emotional regulation.

    Traditionally, after fasting for a whole month, it is common to throw a big feast as a farewell and celebrating the achievement of Ramadan. In some countries, like, Egypt is common to give children money or gift sweets to your family members. In other countries, people practice giving personalised gifts. In the spirit of gifting, if you are looking for something unique and personable to give during Eid than check out my friend Nsenga’s art. Take a look at her website at, https://nsengaknight.com/, here is a highlight of her work;

    My creative practice is situated at the intersection of Islamic art, Western abstraction, and Black aesthetics. My upbringing as a first-generation Black American Muslim informs my work in many respects and I seek to make critical contributions to conversations on the status of Black America, American society, politics, culture, and Islam in the 21st century.

    Nsenga Knight

    Nsenga’s Art:

    In conclusion, Islamic fasting offers a multitude of spiritual and health benefits that can improve overall well-being. From improved physical health to gaining a sense of purpose and awareness. Fasting is a powerful tool for promoting holistic wellness. Whether you are Muslim or not, incorporating fasting into your routine can have a positive impact on your life.

    Have you ever tried fasting for a day?

  • Going Green in Your Dining Room: Tips and Ideas for a Refreshing Look

    It’s been a while since I last shared an interior post. Although interior content are my favorite, it takes the longest to create. Since, as my home is currently in need of a new paint job. In search of an affordable yet refreshing update, I have set my sights on the color green. In this post, I would like to showcase some potential living room designs that blend seamlessly with green paint.

    Green is a trendy color for living room interior decor, and it can be combined with other colors to create a refreshing and inviting space. There are many affordable options available and here are some inspirations that will help you create a budget-friendly green living room:

    Neutral Colors

    When decorating a green room, you can’t go wrong with adding neutral accents and furniture.

    Green Accents

    Use different green accent pieces: Combine different patterns in shades of green to add interest to the room.

    Upcycle and Repurpose

    Green walls go so effortlessly with antique and vintage furniture. When changing a color sometimes it means that the furniture we already have do not go along with the new wall paint. Upcycle and Repurposing furniture can be a great affordable fix, instead of buying new furniture. You can paint old furniture to make them blend with the overall green theme.

    Natural and Earthy Tones

    Using natural materials not only are budget-friendly but it creates a relaxing and peaceful environment to any room.

    Overall, creating a green living room on a budget is all about being creative and resourceful. With these inspirations, you can achieve a welcoming space for you and your family without breaking the bank.

    Have you noticed any other trendy colors or color combinations for interior decor lately?

    Do you have a favorite color in you own living room?

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