The Third Time is Harder…


If you think being pregnant is hard, tiring and a toll on your body than you are 100% right. If you think that’s hard then you can easily sympathize with someone who is pregnant with toddlers, ok scratch that. Someone who is pregnant with toddlers and no car. Wait! Double scratch that! Someone who is pregnant with toddlers, no car in a chaotic city of Cairo and no husband around.

O M G..Who is that? You might ask..

Well, it’s me!!

I really try my hardest to be passed as a “strong” person and maybe I am but damn am I exhausted. I don’t even swear, so that in it self tell you something.

I am tired of people asking me, “So, how do you feel?”

Well, how to do you think I feel?? Ergh, just thinking about this question is making mad!!!! Why don’t you ask instead, “Do you need help?” or “can I take your kids for a couple of hours so you can rest?

Why? I ask, why you don’t ask me those questions? Off course, I am going to say, I’m fine because coincidentally you only ask me how I am feeling, when I am feeling fine not when it’s 1 o’clock in the morning and your back is hurting and your VG is burning.

However, if you want to insist on how I am doing than continue on reading this post because right now I am in range and cannot keep my emotions in tact.

I am not fine..thank you very much…my feet has swollen and that never happened with my two pregnancies.

I am tired of bending over for picking up shit from the floor, cleaning a house constantly that has the ability to always look a mess, sleep deprived due to pregnancy insomnia, sharp back pains that keep me awake when I finally want to sleep and screaming at my children to stop the heck they doing, to the point where I feel like the baby might pop right there and then.

On top of things, everything in Egypt is a chore and complicated. If I step out of my house which I do everyday, I come home exhausted as if I ran a marathon. Then, I can’t sit because if I do, I have toddlers jumping all over me and don’t give a damn if I am carrying another human being who happens to be their sister in my belly.

If I sound pessimistic, negative and even crazy, well it’s because I have kept this feeling deeply inside and I can no longer bare it for my own sake.

On one hand, I can’t complain to my family because after all, I choose to get pregnant which is totally not true. I didn’t want to be pregnant but just never did anything to stop it which in their eyes it’s like a sin to have a lot of kids or something like that. But DAMN, CAN A WOMAN JUST COMPLAIN WHEN SHE IS TIRED WITHOUT BEING JUDGED ALL THE TIME!!!!!???????

On my husband side of the family, it’s completely normal to have a big family and in fact most people in Egypt have a big family, so complaining to them feels like I am being a brat and spoiled teenager. In their perspective this aint suffering, it’s normal.

So, this why I sound crazy cuz literally I have no one to talk about my true feelings and it’s really affecting my mood and making me very stressed all the time.

I want to end this post with a little fact about me…

When I was 9 years old, I came home from school and told my mom a joke I had learned that day. My mom was laughing her eyes out and I just thought, “man, I got my mom laughing at my jokes!!” One day at a family gathering, everyone was telling jokes and laughing when all the sudden my mom said, “hey, Andrea has a really good joke but you have to put aside her age and just listen to the joke as if an adult is telling it.” At this point everyone is engaged and eager to hear the joke. When I finished telling the joke that no one laughed at, I can never forget the prolonged  angry look that my dad mad at my mom and I. He screamed and was furious at us in front of everyone and that is something that my dad never did before so I was really scared at that point. His range was all due to the fact that the whole joke was full of cussing words, actually the joke was about these words.

That was a pivotal moment and after that I just never dared to say a swear in my childhood moments. With that said, if I ever swear either on writing or speaking, it’s because I am in complete range!!!!!!!!!

On another note, if you have read so far, well thank you a million for sticking around and rest assure I am not a crazy person. Just a prego woman with extra feelings boiling inside and just having wrote this is feeling much better, even my back pain has subsided.



Happy Anniversary on WordPress

Image result for happy anniversary on wordpress

I received a notification today from WordPress letting me know that today is my 4 year Anniversary from the day I decided to blog.

I first started to blog because I was really interesting in photography. I had no background experience or training in photography but I just enjoyed the creative aspect of taking photos.

Soon, I discovered that I liked to write my thoughts and experiences along with my photos. I haven’t been persistent on this blog and to be honest, I don’t really know quite yet what I mainly want to focus and achieve through blogging. All I know is that I enjoy it so I am just going to keep on writing and posting until I know what I want to focus on.

I also want to be consistent and try at least do 4 posts a month. With the new baby coming soon, I rather start this new habit as soon as possible so I don’t fall behind and just give up on it.

With that said, if you follow and read my post thank you so much for taking the time of your day to read my thoughts. I want to build a community and would love to read your thoughts too. What do you like to read the most? What blogs and posts do you enjoy?

A Day in a Life of a Mother in Cairo

I thought it would be insightful and fun to share what a day in a life of mother looks like living in Cairo. I always say, that I am a foreigner in Egypt who speaks broken Arabic and lives a very much of an Egyptian life. When I say Egyptian life, I mean I have to do everything any ordinary Egyptian woman would do in her daily life. I have to go to the souq(open market that sells everything that a supermarket would but at a cheaper prize) to do by my groceries, I have to take the many types of public transportation (taxi, minibus,tuctuc,train, ect), often times you will see me bargaining in my broken Arabic. Oh, and did I mention I am here with two toddlers without my husband! Try to picture all of this without laughing or maybe you think I’m crazy like most my family does.

So yesterday (or today, depends where you are in the world, it’s only 4:00 AM  here), I decided to end my hibernation and do some errands with the kids. I always have to pack a team with me when I leave the house with both my kids. I carry one child on one hand and hold the other child on the other and usually I have one of the nieces come with me to carry the umbrella stroller. So this time we are a team of 4, everything looks great at this point, we hop unto a micro bus which is a mini bus that have small routes (see picture bellow) and arrive in our destination without a problem (well minus the crazy driver, who’s screaming at the cars and honking like there’s no tomorrow).

Image result for microbus in egyptNot my picture taken from google image.

Off course doing errands in Egypt is never an ABC, 123 type of thing, its more like a Geometry equation. You gotta go up and down, left and right and at the end you didn’t achieve anything besides a headache an a deep urge of never leaving the house again. Ok, well I am exaggerating a bit here, so I did manage to do my errand but my kids now are impatient and I gotta give them something to eat immediately before one jumps out their stroller. We go for ice cream and one decides to throw a tantrum so mommy has to hurry up and gulp her ice cream down her throat. At this point being out for a half an hour, am already thinking,”I want to go home”. After a half an hour or so we had home and the fun begins..

Now I am heading home with a very apprehensive child who needs a nap and is on a sugar high. Because we are a team of four we have to occupy only 2 seats on the mini bus and have a juggle a purse, stroller and the two kids in our laps. My oldest who is only 3 1/2 years old wants a seat to herself, there is no rationalizing with her so I have to let her nag the whole ride back and my youngest is now fidget and kicking on lady in the front. Since most Egyptian do not have tolerance towards tolerance of course she “politely” and I say that lightly, to move to an empty seat which I “politely” did not.

Phew, I finally arrived home. Oh yey it’s Thursdays which means that my in-laws that live bellow my apartment made food for the family. I get to my in-laws enjoy a homemade Egyptian deliciousness and all is good! I call this a successful day!

I made this post to take it lightly and have fun with it. You defiantly have to have a sense of humor living in Cairo because life is nothing but unpredictable and the people here are very good at coping with unexpected events. I am trying to head towards that direction but taking it day by day.