Ramadan Series-Day 21

Ramadan is over but here is a post I wrote right when my computer crashed again.

I’ve been trying to be more self-conscious of what I put in and on my body and for that reason, I had to make some adaptable changes in my daily routine. Here are some things I’ve stopped using or eating;

  1. Shampoo and conditioner I can’t believe this one actually works! I recently discovered that you can use baking soda and apple vinegar for shampoo substitute. In addition to that our hair does not need conditioner. In my recent trip to Cape Verde a couple of months ago my family bluntly told me, how disgusting my hair looked. I didn’t know what was causing my hair to look so bland and dull. I have to tell you that this replacement is the best think. I immediately seen a difference in both my kid’s hair and I.
  2. Cleaning products I’ve stopped buying cleaning products for the obvious reasons, for their harmful chemicals. This one, I am dearly thankful to my mother who thought me that I can use apple cider vinegar to clean my entire home. Apple cider vinegar is a staple in my pantry, I used it for cleaning, drinking, seasoning, facial and hair uses and much more. My runs to the grocery story evolves on whether or not I need to restock this magical liquid.
  3. Skin and hair moisturizer– I no longer buy store products to moisturize my hair or skin. I simply make a fuze of coconut, almond and a bit of castor oil and use it every day on my skin and hair.
  4. Sunscreen- Almond oil is a natural replacement for chemical sunblock. In addition to that staying out of the sun for a long time and covering the skin that can easily get sunburn such as shoulder, nose and backs..
  5. Junk foodEgypt is notorious for their junk food options. You can see people of all ages munching one chips, chocolate and fry food for breakfast. I admit that I have not stopped my kids for occasionally enjoying some ice cream, chocolate and cookies. However, I don’t bring these things to my house. Often time, the kids enjoy these treats when they are surrounded by other kids who are eating the junk food or when a family member/friend offers my kids these treats.
  6. Product based facial and hair masks– There is absolutely no need to go out and buy facial masks that are filled with chemicals and just dry out the skin. You can just go to your refrigerator and you will find some many options for a home-made mask. From eggs, to yogurt, honey, fruits, sugar, baking soda and much more. You know that half banana that your kid left behind, well you can smash it and use it as a face mask as it is. Or the yogurt your kid did not finish and make my favor mask; yogurt, turmeric spices, lemon or apple cider vinegar and honey(optional) and place in on my face and neck. You can leave this mask for up to an hour, it will drastically give you a glow and remove your pores. For dry scalp and dandruff, I like to use turmeric spices, olive oil or almond oil as a mask before washing my hair. Immediately after washing you will notice that your hair feels lighter, brighter and with more volume.

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Ramadan 2017-Day 8

I was not planning on posting anything today but since insomnia is beating my behind I decided “why not” make my lack of sleep useful.

I want to write a post about the difference between Ramadan in the States and in Egypt but to be honest I feel quite lazy to do so. Instead, I am just going to pour my feelings out and I will be very raw about it.

Today was no doubt the hardest fast ever. Fasting is a wonderful experience both physical and spiritual but it doesn’t make it less hard. In fact, I love fasting and everything that comes with it so much that I decided to give it a go even being 7 months pregnant.

Ramadan is not just about fasting, it’s also about detoxifying yourself from all the bad from this world. It is about building a true connection with your Creator by establishing sincere acts of worship and always calling your Creator in your prayers. It is a clean slack, where if you are completely true to your intentions and actions during this month than hopefully God will forgive all of our sins. It is the time to prioritize what is the most important thing in our lives and try to fix and eliminate our bad habits. During this time, Muslims not only fast but they pray more with extra sincerity, they call upon God more throughout the day and try to be as conscious as possible of our behavior and intentions.

It is all easy said than done especially when you have two toddlers who happen to always make their mom extra tired when she is already tired. It seems like children love to test their parents limits when they are in their absolute worst mood. But in fact is that we as parents are also humans and need to sometimes plug out.

I was my worst self, the self that I don’t like and my kids are not happy about it either. I was completely aware that my behavior was affecting my kid’s behavior as well. However, for some reason I was not able to switch off even though I really wanted to. Today, I just wanted to hand my kids to one of their family members and just take an one hour rest.

The truth of the matter, everyone in Egypt is exhausted. This country is not an easy one to live in for most Egyptians not to mention for an foreigner who is stuck in very authentic Egyptian life without any language resources. I think the language, culture and having to lean on someone to always help you in the simplest to the toughest of the problems is what is making this experience a very tough one. I can’t solve most of my problems so things just keep on adding on and on until I become an emotional rack.

If you are reading this from the Western world than you must be thinking right now “poor girl, I wish I was there to rescue you”. However, leaving here a little more than a year, all of my problems seem to be minuscule to most people in Egypt. In fact, I do feel very blessed as I have seen so much despair in this country and the world. The horrendous acts in Syria, the constant perseverance of the Palestinian people and knowing that there are people today all around the world that go to sleep and wake up hungry. Countless people who have lost everything due to natural disaster catastrophes and those who live in slums that don’t have access to clean water, food and medical treatment.

No matter how bad my day was today and I am sure I will have many other bad ones. I still feel blessed that my days are mostly affected my tiredness, hormonal changes, pregnancy moods ect. Ramadan is not about being perfect and setting perfect expectations, to me it is about being honest and striving to improve always. The one thing I want to get out of Ramadan the most is always leaning on God to help me with my problems and to trust what he has destined for my journey in this life.

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20 New Jobs You Take On as a Mother


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Being a mother is the hardest job in the world with night shifts, no days off and a salary of LOVE. There is no prep books, no glamour and no right way of doing things. Motherhood is often not respected and admired the way it should be. The journey of motherhood brings about strengths, courage and new set of fears that one would never thought existed.

The 20 or more jobs you under take as a mother are things I wish I could put on my resume. Is the answer to golden question during a job interview, “So, what have you been doing for 1+ year of unemployment?” Unemployed? What? I was self-employed running a 24/7 hour non-profit company, where I took over 20 different positions all by myself. So, here are some skills and jobs you taken on as a mother.

  1. Diaper Expert-this mean you can change a diaper anywhere, at any time and in any position. You can now train your friends on how to put on a diaper successfully.
  2. Lactation Consultant– After breastfeeding one or more children, consider yourself a lactation expert. You are able to advise your friends for best feeding positions. You can give tips on how to wean your child. As well as tips for breastfeeding in public and best clothe to wear.
  3. Waste Collector a.k.a garbage woman- you will be collecting lot’s of trash around the house. As well as your children will give you their waste for you to throw it out.
  4. Driver-putting your child back on and off the car seat can serve as a great cardio exercise. You’ll be constantly on the road to your child’s Dr. appointment, drop off and pick up from school, lesson classes, friend’s birthday party, etc. You basically run a “Uber” company!
  5. Personal Assistant-This job is when you make Dr. appointments for your children.Make errands such as buying diapers, wipes and kids stuff.
  6. Hair Dresser- If you have a girl than you most likely have a house equipped with hair products such as, brushes, oils, hair ties, bows, you name it. Boys also have their fair share of hair products such as, gels, brushes and scissors for a quick trim.
  7. DIYer- If you are a stay home mom, you can relate to this. You want to take over a project in the house but you don’t have enough money to buy a new furniture. What do you do? Mother’s never settle, we go to a thrift store or you pick up a piece you’ve been wanting forever from someone’s trash and you make the biggest DIY makeover. What was once an old thing is now an one of a kind piece of art.
  8. Advocate- When people are always judging your child for his behavior, for example, “your child should be talking now” or “your child is too skinny”. Often times you find yourself being your child’s advocate.
  9. Chef- It doesn’t matter if you hate cooking like me, you’ll be cooking day in and day out. Sometimes you’ll be surprised how delicious your food will turn out.
  10. Entertainer- Don’t want your child to watch t.v all day than you have to entertain them, their is no escape. Children don’t want to just play with toys, they want the parents to take part of the fun.
  11. Personal Stylist- Your child will look much better than you, well, that’s because we put more time and effort into their outfits. I wouldn’t dare to go out looking like a million bucks while my child looks like she just rolled out of bed. I would much rather prefer the other way around.
  12. Administrative Specialist- Multitasking becomes our middle name. It’s impossible to do just one thing at a time. After a while our brains don’t function without multitasking.
  13. Nurse- This is the time when our children are sick and we have to cater to them. Whether we are nurturing them or keeping track of the time of their medication, we switch off to a nurse’s mode.
  14. Nutritionist- we have to make sure our children are eating a proper diet. Are they getting enough calcium and protein? Are they eating their fruits and veggies and so forth.
  15. Researcher-when kids go to sleep we tend to browse on the internet for homemade products, cooking recipes and DIY projects.
  16. Thrift shop Expert- We know all the thrift stores around us, when those stores restock their items and the best deals in town.
  17. Diplomat-This will test your negotiation skills; how do you make your child do something that you want him/her to do. How do you settle a fight between siblings and ect.
  18. Housekeeper- You’ll find us always cleaning, yet our houses will never look clean. It’s like having a full time housekeeping service in our house where you will be both the boss and the customer.
  19. Educator- First person to educate children are the parents. Whether it’s teaching kids how to respect others, tie their shoes, ABC’s and 123’s. We take a huge contribute on our child’s education.
  20. Laundry Keeper- This deserves an extra job position apart from housekeeper because it can be literally a full time job. Ask those who run a laundry mat business. Your child will change her outfit and pajamas’s every single day leaving a pile of clothe to do all the time. Don’t even think about taking a day off, it will take a toll on you later.

I would love to hear what you think are other jobs worthy to put on this list and if you could, what skills would you add unto your resume that you learned from being a mother?