Day 1: 365 Days Photography Project

What a day it was today! It started of as a raining day but I was not going to let a harmless rain destroy my determination to go out there and put the 365 day photography challenge into action.

I went to my office per usual and told myself that I would go for a stroll by the harbor once the rain had passed.

I perpared my camera and the memory card was locked. I took the memory card out of the camera to unlock the switch and what do I do? I breaking the switch, and no longer does the memory card fit in the camera.

Determined to this challenge I had to compromise taking a photo of the harbor from my office with a photo camera.

The good news is that I got a new memory card and the weather will be perfect for pictures tomorrow.

2 responses to “Day 1: 365 Days Photography Project”

  1. I commend you for stepping up to the challenge and look forward to your images.


    1. Thank you, I look forward to keep up with the challenge =)

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