Day 8: 365 Days Photo Challenge



These photos were not taken today.I will be occasionally post on the 365 days photo challenge with old photos that I took when I started the challenge.

I work in a very cool building with a much cooler view. I am lucky to see this view every day from the window and able to take strolls around the water during the work day. What is even more interesting is that across from the river there are several manufacturing facilities which giant cargo boats often station there to unload the shipment. When these ships arrive, several police boats such as the one you see above accompany the cargo ships for surveillance check. There are also guards that dive into the river to check for bombs and other mischief crimes under those ships. Some times there are even snipers controlling the ships from a close enough building. Apparently theses ships bring anything from natural gas to metal scrap that come from all around the world.

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