365 Photo Challenge:Day 11


I was looking back at some old photos I took the last time I was in my home country, Cape Verde. I could not help but to wonder, why do people choose to leave behind everything they hold dear, to family, friends and great memories. I’m battling back and forth on whether migrating to a new land is even worth it? Is the money greater than what your family is worth? Is your new friends better than your older ones? Whatever the answer to these questions may be, it is pointless. The fact is that we are immigrants and have changed, our memories will soon turn into still paintings and our family will become the roots of a tree, far from its leafs.

Returning back to our motherland, we find ourselves at home yet at a distance. Our upbrings and experiences will perpell us to think outside of the usual mind set of our country people. Yet the only place worthy of calling home is where we came from, thus where the heart belongs. Indeed the heart knows what the mind does not. With that, I’ll leave you with sunset closer to where you are

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