What to Expect When Moving Abroad

Moving abroad comes with challenges but oh so many blessings. The blessings gained through traveling are out of this world and can offset the obstacles. Grace while traveling can only happen if one is open to new, raw and fun experiences. A light mindset and little expectations are probably the first, and best steps you can take to prepare yourself for the unknown and unwritten chapter of your life.

It is easy to always judge something we don’t understand or know. In order not to fall into the judging realm, remember that you are there to learn and gain worldly experience.

Transitional period

The first thing that most people will face when moving abroad is what I would call the transitional period. It can take time to adjust to new routines, language, food, culture, and much more; this period often lasts one to two years. To cope with this transitional period, I would suggest making yourself busy. You can read books that help escape from reality. Also, joining Facebook groups related to your condition can be beneficial when you have an issue unclear or require something in the new country.

Believes and values

Your beliefs and values will be compromised in the new country you will be settling in. It is easy to always judge something we don’t understand or know. In order not to fall into the judging realm, remember that you are there to learn and gain worldly experience. It is not the local citizens that will change to compromise with your values and beliefs. Instead, it is our duty while traveling to view the world through a different lens and to try to profound our understanding of life.

In the beginning, many people will be curious to know consequently allowing you to make many friends. Eventually, some of these friends will be lost along the way as you try to filter in only those who align with your purpose.

Travel home

This next piece of advice is something that I wish I took upon myself which is to always revisit your home country and family members. In my experience settling in a new country for a long time increase the chances of experiencing reverse culture shock. When you go back to your original country you will feel that you no longer belong there. Also, you will feel strange and have to adapt back.

If this is something you can do then you should travel to as many surrounding countries as possible. Oftentimes you can travel to neighboring countries more cheaply and flexibly.

Get out of the comfortable zone

Something that I have noticed especially in Egypt is that ex-pats usually stick to their kind, going to places that feel familiar. I think it’s very important to make friends with the people of the country who have moved to. In my experience, I got to know great and courageous Egyptian women who helped me view the world in a different light. Not to say that I haven’t made friends with non-Egyptians, likewise, I have met many ex-pats whom I have been able to relate and create a wonderful bond with.

Learn the culture and language

Last but not least, I would learn as much about the culture and the language as possible.

What are some challenges that you are going through while living in a foreign country? What did you do to help you overcome these challenges?

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5 responses to “What to Expect When Moving Abroad”

  1. I agree with you about coming back to your home country and it feels different! It took us 4 years (before the pandemic) before coming back to our home country New Zealand after being an ex-pat in the UAE Abu Dhabi the capital. I still have some friends left in there but some also moved on and went back to their home countries even before the pandemic. I learned a lot about these experiences and it is one of my treasured memories of living in the UAE. Wish I could go back again even for a visit but it is 22-24 hrs away from here depending on where you are. FYI.


    1. It can be a cultural shock going back. One thing I noticed was people complaining about the little things and feeling as if I’m in a matrix. My body was physically present but my mind was still not. I don’t know if you felt that way going back t New Zealand? One thing I do miss the most is nature, living in countries that are prominently desert, makes you appreciate nature much more.

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      1. TY for your comment sorry for the late reply was so busy with my other channel in YT (pls check it) and job plus sometimes Life gets in the way. Regards!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. No problem.. I’ll check it out!

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          1. Hope you did 🙂


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